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 ​What is a junior high school exam? 

Junior high school is very different from high school and college entrance exams.

In junior high school, which is usually compulsory education, many people can enter public junior high school without taking an exam. However, you cannot enter the junior high school exam unless you take the entrance exam for a national or private junior high school and pass it. As a result, you may not be satisfied with sports and family trips, such as going to cram school early, preparing for entrance exams, and running out of time to play with friends.

Still, why are so many people taking the junior high school exam?

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of taking the junior high school exam.

Reason 1 Advantageous for going on to university

You can go on to a difficult private university or a popular private university with a recommendation entrance examination

This is the most common reason for parents to take the junior high school exam.
In the case of private junior high school, there are many schools that are attached to high schools and universities, and it is said that in the future, it will be possible to enroll in these schools under the recommended admission system.
This is because many of the enrollees are from affiliated high schools, especially at private universities, which are difficult and popular
These high schools also have an attached junior high school, so if you are thinking of going to these private universities in the future, it is advantageous to enroll from junior high school.

 Books useful for taking exams  

Complete preparations for entrance exams to public universities in difficult countries

On the other hand, private schools and public junior and senior high schools are also advantageous for advancing to universities other than national and public universities and affiliated universities. The greatest feature of private junior and senior high schools is that the school can create its own free curriculum. Since you can give guidance that considers 6 years in total, you can finish the high school textbook by the beginning of high school 2 or high school 3 and then proceed to the full-scale university entrance examination preparation class. It is easy to take measures.
At junior high and high school, children of the same level of academic ability learn and compete together, and as a result, many successful applicants are sent out even in university entrance exams.

A private junior and senior high school that boasts a high record of passing the University of Tokyo

Looking at the number of successful applicants at the University of Tokyo, which is the most representative university among the super-difficult universities that everyone has heard, most of them are private junior and senior high schools.
Schools that send a large number of successful applicants to super-difficult universities every year have a lot of lessons to do, and of course, they have their own know-how for university entrance exams, so we can expect detailed examination guidance.
It seems that some schools have inherited the study methods for the University of Tokyo measures (from how to take notes to effective problem exercises, etc.) from their seniors.
In order to enroll in these schools, it is advantageous to start from junior high school in terms of the number of applicants and the difficulty of entrance examinations. Also, some schools do not recruit in high school.

Reason 2 You can receive guidance under a consistent education policy

At private junior high schools and national and public junior high and high schools, each school has an educational policy based on the founding spirit of "I want to raise such human beings."
For example, if it is a private school, "cultivate a spirit of self-reliance", "do it for others", if it is a national, public junior high and high school, "can play an active part in the international community", "have the qualities as a leader" In many cases, the policy is to nurture children.

Not only classes, but also events / club activities, lifestyle and usual behavior are taught under this policy.

The unique culture and rules called school spirit are the basis for creating each unique school spirit. Many children do their best to take the junior high school exam because of the school spirit, events, and club activities.

Reason 3  Receive guidance with an emphasis on human education​

Many private junior high schools offer religious education, Christian education for all people based on rich humanity and spirit of service, and Buddhist schools for human education based on the founding Buddhist spirit. It is done.
In addition, there are schools where girls use etiquette / manners, flower arrangement / tea ceremony, and boys use martial arts such as judo / kendo. Many schools value events and club activities, with events aimed at increasing class cohesion and club activities aimed at fostering friendship and independence.

This kind of human education shows its true value when you graduate from school and become a member of society.

It seems that many graduates feel that "it was tough, but it was good."

Reason 4 You can take classes that match the times

Many private junior high schools are also focusing on classes to improve their English skills so that they can play an active role in the international community in the future, as well as language education other than English. For example, some have set up international classes aimed at advancing to overseas universities.
More and more classes are being held to improve presentation and discussion skills so that they can use computers for classes and play an active role even after entering university or going out into society. Other courses specialize in career education, experiential learning, and aiming to become a doctor. There are various educations that consider the future of everyone.

Reason 5  State-of-the-art facilities and equipment and abundant school events​

Each school is making efforts to improve the facilities. All classrooms are fully air-conditioned, all-weather grounds and pools, LL classrooms using IT terminals, media centers, Christian schools, and some schools have churches. In the case of a junior high school attached to a university, some junior high schools can use the facilities of the university. Recently, it seems that the creation of safe and comfortable facilities such as the construction of new school buildings and the renovation of old school buildings is flourishing.
Many school events are unique, and there is a wide variety of content such as historical events that have continued since the foundation, religious events such as Christmas, and sporting events.

In addition to sports, there are many schools where you can acquire techniques that will be useful in the future, such as tea ceremony and courtesy.

A chance to choose the future! !!

The merit so far is great from the standpoint of parents, and it is not so good for all elementary school students .

It may not be transmitted as.

But I just want you to notice this

The junior high school exam means that all elementary school students who are about to enter adolescence can choose their future with their own will and effort for the first time.

It's a chance.

The future of choice may be school life, where you are studying hard to become a doctor or researcher.

It may be a school life where you can spend a lively life wearing cute uniforms.

It may be an exciting school life for school events and events such as exchanges and experiences with foreign countries.


If you somehow go on to junior high school and have doubts about the future of spending a fixed day, take the opportunity to take the junior high school exam to change your future.


-Junior high school exam Please be careful and keep in mind-

Let's reconfirm what we wrote below.
Don't decide to take the exam based on your parents' thoughts, but be sure to check your feelings.
If you decide to take the exam on your own initiative, talk to your parents and ask for the support you need.

~ To mother ~

It takes a lot of time and money to take the junior high school exam. Let's check with parents and children why they are taking the junior high school exam. That will help you choose the school you want to study and do your best to study for entrance exams.

■ You may be estranged from the children in your neighborhood.

■ Educational policies and the school itself may not suit your child.

■ Make sure that the exam really suits your child.

Remember that not taking the exam is one of the options!

Common terms
​Chukou Ikankou

What is a junior high and high school integrated school?

We have adopted a system that allows students to go on to a high school that is annexed or collaborated with a junior high school in a form that is almost non-examination.
Junior high school and high school where consistent education is provided for 6 years, either alone or in collaboration.

If you divide it roughly

・ Secondary school ・ Annexed Nakanuki integrated school ・ Complete Nakanuki integrated school

Can be divided into.


​Secondary school

A school that has a system for studying six years of junior high school and high school as one.
The three years equivalent to junior high school are called the first half course, and the three years equivalent to high school are called the second half course.

​Chukou Ikankou   Hell

Middle and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)

A school where the same installer has a junior high school and a high school side by side and connects them to provide integrated middle and high school education.
Basically, junior high school graduates can go on to high school without an exam.
In addition, the entrance examination is conducted for those who wish to enter high school from outside, so it is characterized by an environment where new students come in on the way.

​Chukou Ikankou   Kanzengata

Middle and high school integrated school (complete type)

A school that does not recruit students in high school.
The merits of a junior high and high school are not only learning guidance, but also emotional education and discipline education.
It is characterized by the fact that it is easy to proceed with a well-planned policy and curriculum over 6 years.


What is religion?

Faith about God or something superior, precious and sacred. Faith is a believing heart.

The teaching and the actions based on it are called religion.



Buddhist system is a general term for schools that mainly worship the Buddha as their principal image and incorporate education based on Buddhist teachings.

Today's Shugi

Christian School (Catholic / Protestant)

A school that operates with an educational philosophy based on the teachings of Christianity, the world's largest religion.
Beginning with the establishment of the school, it is managed and operated by people and organizations related to Christianity, teaching the Bible and Christian ideas, and conducting Christian events to spread Christian ideas. Refers to a school that aims to do that.

Many schools have Bible lessons and worship services, and are divided into Catholic and Protestant schools due to differences in teaching.

Based on the idea of Christianity, he provides educational guidance centered on human education, such as fostering a feeling of compassion for others and a habit of looking deeply at oneself.

It has a great influence on architectural styles, music and art all over the world, and it also has a great influence on modern Japanese architecture.
Christian school buildings, buildings, and campuses often have Christian-influenced architectural styles, and have a nice campus with a unique atmosphere and worldview.



Recommended entrance examination

The recommendation entrance examination is just an entrance examination in which the principal of the elementary school writes a letter of recommendation and an interview is conducted.

Recruitment and exams will be conducted a little earlier without taking the general junior high school exam.
In many cases, the recommended measures will be taught in detail at the cram school.
At first glance, it seems that there are many advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

The merit is that you don't have to take difficult problems for general entrance exams, so if you take the recommended measures, you can easily get a pass.

The disadvantage is that if the general entrance examination measures are insufficient, it is easy for students to not be able to keep up with the lessons due to lack of academic ability after admission.

If the school you want to study is looking for a recommended entrance exam, you should actively use it, but you should always think about what happens after you enroll and study the general entrance exam in the same way.


​What is the deviation value?

A numerical value that measures the position of oneself among the examinees who took the mock exam when taking a mock exam (mock exam) at a major prep school or a cram school. Therefore, if the population changes, the deviation value also changes. It is not an absolute value, but a value that can be considered as a guide only.

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