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Joint application school

Joint application school

In the case of Kansai, the situation is a little different from the metropolitan area.

Compared to the metropolitan area, the number of multiple exams taken at the same school is considerably less, and there are not so many schools that can be selected with similar deviation values, so schools at the same level are also limited. In addition, since the entrance examination dates overlap in many schools, if you select by deviation value, you will have to select a school far from your home, and it will be difficult to select a school that you apply for at the same time.

On average, there are many people who apply for 3 to 6 schools at the same time, but because they want to pass some school, some people take the pre-examination and Kanto examinations at about 8 schools. I will come.
In addition, even if the favorite school is decided to be a boys'school or a girls' school, co-education is often included in the joint application school.

Before choosing a joint application school

I think many people are wondering what kind of school should be selected as a concurrent application school.

When choosing a school, it goes without saying that you should choose a school based on your school reputation and the deviation level that suits you, but choosing a school that has similar exam tendencies is also an important point in choosing a school that you apply for at the same time.

Recently, some schools are gradually changing the tendency of exams, but many schools still have the same tendency, so it is necessary to check the tendency by past questions .

However, if you take the exams at about 3 to 8 schools including your favorite school, the amount of study for responding to past questions will be considerably large if all the exam tendencies are different. If there is a problem that cannot be solved even at the last minute of the exam, it will cause impatience and create a vicious circle, so it is important to choose a school with similar tendencies as much as possible. However, if there is a school that you would like to take even if you tackle the past questions of a school with a different tendency, you can say that you can try it. In that case, please proceed while considering the learning situation of your child.

It is also important to consider the behavioral route on the test day, which is unexpectedly overlooked.

Please note that if you set a joint application school unnecessarily because there is a vacancy in the schedule, the burden on the child when moving will increase.

First of all, let's select a school to apply for at the same time after fully understanding the examination date, examination time, school commuting route, etc. For that purpose, it is necessary to visit the school once before the entrance examination and to grasp the time allocation considering the transfer time. In some cases, it may be necessary to stay at a hotel near the school from the day before the entrance examination and take measures to prevent the effects of transportation delays.

Also, for those who aim to be the most difficult school, the number of concurrent applications is quite limited, so you have to choose from a narrow range of options.

Some people who go to a cram school feel relieved because they can consult with a concurrent application school and teach them recommended patterns, and depending on the cram school, they can gather at the cram school once and go to the school on the morning of the day. However, most people who take the exam at two schools on the same day go to the second school in the afternoon.

Also, depending on the school, the exam venue may overlap with the date of the result announcement, bank transfer, and admission procedure. Even if you go directly to the school to confirm the result announcement, you may be posted only for a very short time, you may be able to know the pass / fail only on the web, or you may receive a pass / fail notification document by mail. Recently, the number of schools where you can check pass / fail on the web from your mobile phone or smartphone has increased, but it seems that some people are still not good at operating the Internet. Let's master the confirmation method in advance. It is especially important to be careful not to misunderstand the course or the number because the mobile screen is small. Be especially careful when checking. In addition, since the mail arrives by registered mail, you will not be able to receive it if you are absent, and if you take it back to the post office, the confirmation of pass / fail will be delayed by a few hours. Not only that, pass / fail confirmations can affect your payments in some cases.

In other words, if the date of announcement of the results of the favorite school and the date of payment of the entrance fee of the concurrent application school that passed the exam overlap, you will have to make a decision to pay the entrance fee without knowing whether the favorite school has passed or failed. If possible, I want to be able to act efficiently so that there is no waste.

Under these circumstances, depending on the school you are applying for, the whole family may not always be in the same place, so you will have to work in collaboration with your family by asking your relatives for support.

Make a plan in advance with your family so that you will not be in a hurry on the day of the event and will not regret it later, and then carefully select a school to apply for.

How to choose a concurrent application school

Generally, from around September, when the summer vacation is over, we will start deciding on a full-scale application school while considering the grades.

Ultimately, let's decide by the time you request the survey report at the end of October.

It can be said that the selection of joint application schools in Kansai is patterned because the number is small compared to the metropolitan area.
First of all, the examination will be held for two days at Nada Junior High School and Koyo Gakuin Junior High School, which are the most difficult schools for boys.
Since the first day of other schools for boys is almost the same, the number of applicants will be limited.

In addition, Kobe College, the most difficult school for girls, will be held for two days. Similarly, the number of applicants will be limited.

Since the patterns for both boys and girls are almost fixed, it is necessary to select the examination school from a limited number of schools in consideration of the location of the school, commuting time, etc.

What kind of pattern do you have?

Here's a quick summary of some school examples of what kind of concurrent application patterns are available.

Depending on the year, there may be changes in the entrance exam date, the number of exams taken, and the afternoon entrance exam, but it seems that most people choose this pattern (bold letters).

* The following is just an example. There are schools where you can choose schools not listed below. (Pattern only at schools listed on HP)

Boys' school pattern example 1

(Previous reception) Aiko or Hokurei &  Hakodate LaSalle

(First day)  Nada / Koyo Gakuin   

(the 2nd day)  Nada / Koyo Gakuin

Afternoon: Nishiyamato Gakuen  Suma Gakuen ・ Takatsuki

(Day 3) Todaiji Gakuen   Attached to Rakunan High School

(Day 4)  Rokko Gakuin   Seifu Nankai 

(Day 5) 

(Day 6) Rakusei

Kanto exam

Boys' school pattern example 2

(Advance)  Hokurei 

(First day)  Osaka Seikouin  Rakusei  Rokko Gakuin 

Afternoon: Nishiyamato Gakuen (21) Tezukayama, Seifu, Meisei , Osaka Toin

( Day 2)  Seifu Nankai  MeiseiSuma Gakuen Seifu

Afternoon: Nishiyamato Gakuen  Takatsuki  Suma Gakuen  Osaka Toin 

( Day 3) Todaiji Gakuen ・ Rakunan High School Attached , Seifu, Tezukayama

Afternoon: Osaka Toin

(Day 4)  Seifu Nankai Rokko Gakuin  Higashiyama Kaimei  Kobe University Secondary School

Afternoon: Osaka Toin

(Day 5)

(6th day)  Late Rakusei

(7th day)

(Day 8) Ikeda, Osaka University of Education

Girls' school pattern example 1

(Previous reception) Okayama Hakuryo  &  Aiko

(First day)  Shitennoji / Suma Gakuen   Takatsuki

Afternoon: Nishiyamato Gakuen (21) Tezukayama ・ Chisato Kinran, Osaka Toin, Otani (Osaka)

(the 2nd day)  Seifu Nankai  Suma Gakuen / Kobe Kaisei  Tezukayama ・ Senri Kinran

afternoon:  Nishiyamato Gakuen , Suma Gakuen, Takatsuki, Osaka Toin, Otani (Osaka)

(Third day)  Rakunan High School Attached , Tezukayama, Otani (Osaka)

Afternoon: Kyoto Girls, Osaka Toin

(Day 4)  Seifu Nankai

Afternoon: Osaka Toin

Girls' school pattern example 2

(Previous reception) Okayama Hakuryo

(First day)  Kobe College

Afternoon: Affinity ・Osaka Toin ・ Senri Kinran   

(the 2nd day)  Seifu Nankai A  ・ Suma Gakuen ・ Kobe Kaisei  Affinity ・ Kinran Senri

Afternoon: Nishiyamato Gakuen, Suma Gakuen, Takatsuki,  Affinity ・ Osaka Toin

(Third day)  Kobe College

Afternoon: Kyoto Girls, Osaka Toin 

(Day 4)  Kobe University Secondary School ・ Kwansei Gakuin ・ Seifu Nankai

Afternoon: Osaka Toin 

(Day 5) Konan Girls

Updated January 2020

Many schools other than the most difficult junior high school have overlapping entrance examination dates, but recently some schools have increased the afternoon schedule, the second half schedule, etc., which makes it more flexible to select the same level of examination school than before. It can be said that it has become easier to select a safety school.

Therefore, it is quite possible that you will be able to take an examination at a school that is suitable for your ability, a safety school, and a challenge school on the second and third days on the unified day.

However, you must also consider how exhausting it is to continue taking the exam every day for several days. For example, in order to maintain motivation, it will be easier to improve concentration by giving weight to the school to be examined in advance, such as a challenge school, a school suitable for ability, and a safety school, and telling the child.

In addition, many people choose a school that fills in the vacant days from the beginning, but in some cases, in order to preserve the physical strength to complete the examination, we will identify the school of choice, narrow down to only a few schools, and concentrate. It will be necessary to keep in mind when choosing a school to apply for at the same time, with a view to letting them take the favorite exam.

Each of these is determined by the level of the child and the way of thinking about taking the exam at home, so it cannot be said unconditionally, but in any case, the school that you apply for at the same time should choose a school that you can enroll if you pass. It can be said that it is important.

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