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Site management policy

◆ Copyright The copyright of the contents (text, images, data, etc.) of this site and their arrangement, editing and structure belong to the creator of this website.
Please refrain from unauthorized use (reproduction, reprinting, modification, falsification).
◆ Prohibited acts Damage the rights, interests, honor, etc. of this site, other users, service providers, and other third parties.
Entering false information by pretending to be another person, other fraudulent acts, or acts that violate laws and regulations.
◆ Amendment of Terms This site may change the terms due to the revision of the law and the change of information.
This site is operated by affiliate program and advertising revenue. There is no direct service provided by the links on this site. We cannot guarantee any questions or damages regarding the linked service.
Please be sure to check the display of the Specified Commercial Transactions Law on the seller's site.
We constantly update the information on the site and try to post the most accurate and up-to-date information as much as possible, but the update may be delayed due to time lag.
The information on this site does not guarantee its accuracy.
In addition, please note that the homepage information may be revised or changed without prior notice.
◆ About tool download
In the unlikely event that the tool downloaded from this site is infected with a virus, we shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user by downloading it.
◆ About links
Links are prohibited from sites that correspond to the following items.
1. 1. Sites that are offensive to public order and morals 2. Sites that violate or encourage the law 3. Sites that invade the copyright and privacy of individuals, companies, and organizations 4. Sites that give disadvantages to others 5. Adult sites, sites that are judged to be unfavorable for those under the age of 18 Only sites that support junior high school exams are link-free.
​​ that's all
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