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What you need to know before going to cram school

What kind of learning method should I use?

If you decide to take the junior high school exam, the first thing you have to think about is whether to study in a group cram school, study in a tutoring cram school, ask a tutor, or use correspondence education or reference books. It will be a matter of studying at.

The most common thing is to go to a cram school, but there are various cram schools and it is difficult to choose.

First, let's see what kind of cram school is available.

The difference between a cram school and a cram school.

There is no difference between a cram school and a cram school that teach you how to study, but what is the difference?

You can think of the cram school as a cram school for those who take the exam, and the cram school as a cram school that supports the study of the school.

Cram school is a learning method that focuses on preparation, while cram school is a learning method that focuses on review. Therefore, if you decide to take the exam, it is best to go to a cram school.

Check it out when you enter the cram school!

It is generally said that studying for entrance exams starts in February of the third semester of the third year. Many children will take the entrance exam in January so that they can start around that time. At the cram school, we will start learning the curriculum that we learn in the 4th grade, which is a little early, from the 3rd grade. However, depending on the cram school, the content may change or the procedure may be completely different.​ It is convenient to order the annual curriculum of each cram school and check when and when to study which unit. By doing so, you can check for delays in learning when you change to another cram school because the cram school you entered does not fit. You can also refer to it when you take the public test of each cram school as a student outside the cram school.

How do you get into a cram school?

To enter the cram school, there is an entrance test. Most cram schools are classified according to the results of the test.

Most cram schools are accepted, but some cram schools cannot be entered without passing. In other words, some cram schools require academic ability to some extent.

For the time being, it's a good idea to take various cram school entrance tests, test your current academic ability, and then decide to enter the cram school.

What you can do before entering the cram school.

Train your concentration. The difference between a cram school and a school is that many of the students who go on to higher education come to study for the entrance exam, whether they are children who have done crazy things or who are studying in a group for the first time. Children who are not motivated to learn will be left behind more and more, so it is important to promote well-balanced home study at home. Let's change our minds and work hard to succeed in the junior high school exam.

Also, once the class is decided by the entrance test, it is difficult to enter the upper class, so many children are working on online learning and commercial problem books before entering the school, so it is good to start some trials. prize. As a starting point, it is recommended to try solving a commercially available problem collection.

Even though it is an elementary school student, there are some difficult problems, so it can be quite powerful. Before and after working on it, the way you deal with the problems when you enter the cram school will change, and you will be able to work calmly.

Each cram school has its own specialty.

Some cram schools have areas that the examination school is good at.

It is important to check the enrollment rate of the school that you have listed as a candidate, but the place where you have a dedicated course for the school you want to study is where the school analysis is well done, so if you include it in the candidate It's good.

Recommended books with good reviews

The good and bad points of the cram school (group).

The cram school is taught directly by a professional teacher for the exam, so it is very encouraging and I can study with various friends and friends, so I am looking forward to competing.

School information and problems that are likely to occur are also analyzed, and there are many tests that follow it, so in order to get good points in the test, those who think that it is best to study at a cram school There are many.

But you also have to know that it's not all good.

・ It is said that it is difficult to move up to a higher class because you will learn with colleagues of the same level when you decide on a class. What you know and what you know will be advanced according to the class, so you cannot skip the problems that only one person can understand. It is also a feature that many children feel relieved that they are excellent if they can understand in the class just by attending the class.

Therefore, it may be difficult to get points in the public test or classification test, and you may not be able to go to the upper class. There is a high probability that some of the people who have noticed this will go to a private tutor in combination with a cram school or ask a tutor.

With that in mind, I understand that it is necessary to thoroughly prepare and review not only at the cram school but also at home.

・ I don't care when I'm in the middle grades (4th grade), but in the upper grades, my close friends become rivals.

It's good if you are a rival who can support each other, but there are cases where only you or your friends will improve your grades. When that happens, people with good grades will want to brag, and people with bad grades will want to avoid friends, which can be awkward or even get out of touch with good friends. Let's remember. With that in mind, some children dare to choose a different cram school when deciding on a cram school.

There are many other things, so I will introduce them.

・ Since a lot of homework is given at the cram school, many children are short of sleep.

・ I can't play much with my close friends and school friends.

・ Because it will be late to return, I will not be able to eat dinner with my house.
You may eat lunch during the breaks of the cram school, or you may have lunch during the day and night during long vacations.
・ Depending on the course of the cram school, you may have to go by train.
・ You will have to attend the class during spring vacation, summer vacation, and winter vacation.
・ Depending on the course of the cram school, it may continue from morning till midnight, and even if it is difficult, you may have to put up with it because you will follow the class.
・ When school classes are prolonged, I have to hurry home so as not to miss the train.
・ Many children feel left behind because they can't say what they don't understand in front of many people.
・ Some children may not be able to keep up with their studies because they are late for studying if they take a break from cram school due to illness.
・ Some cram schools will cover you with supplementary lessons and homework when you take a break, but if you are absent for a long period of time, it will be difficult to keep up.

As you can see from this, you shouldn't be relieved even if you enter a cram school.

After knowing the bad things I just introduced, I still go to the cram school and study! If you don't work with a strong feeling, you will be disgusted on the way.

At home, we must discuss "what we are taking the exam for" and "what we are studying at the cram school" so that we will not lose sight of our goals.

When choosing a cram school, it is important to choose a cram school that follows the above disadvantages as much as possible.

Before you enter the cram school, ask questions about your concerns and choose a cram school that will respond to you.

It is also necessary to change the cram school as soon as possible if you feel that it does not suit you after entering the cram school.

The higher the grade, the harder it is to change the cram school.

It's a long way to take the exam.

Think carefully about what method is best for you, find the one that suits you best, and do your best.

Introducing popular cram schools.
We have summarized the characteristics of each cram school based on word of mouth, so please refer to it when searching for a cram school that suits you.
If you get lost in finding a cram school
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