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When you start going to a cram school, it takes a long time, so you need a cram school lunch instead of eating at home.
In some cases, you may need two meals to take the course from morning till night.
There are places where you can buy private school lunches at convenience stores, but it is costly and difficult to do each time.
on second thoughtsThe loving lunch box made by my mother is the best.
Please make a delicious bento while considering the nutritional balance.
However, many mothers find it burdensome to make a private school lunch because they think too much about nutritional balance and make it with a lot of energy. Don't worry too much about what to put in every timeLet's relax your shoulders and enjoy making a private school lunch.
So what are the tips for making a private school lunch?
Naoko Makino, a registered dietitian who published the recipe book "Don't catch a cold until the actual performance! Genki Jukuben" (Kagawa Nutrition University Publishing Division) when her son took the junior high school exam, said that there are three genres of cram school lunches. It seems to be ideal to include it.
Fill half of the lunch box with staple food such as rice, and fill the other half with meat and fish main dishes and vegetable side dishes.
The standard amount is about 700 ml, which is the capacity of the lunch box. Side dishes should be filled with favorite foods to encourage children.
The maker tends to think "every day, fried chicken", but it's OK to keep putting it in until you get tired of it !
If you have spinach, you can put dried fish such as dried bonito flakes and tororo kombu on it to absorb the water and improve the taste of the two birds with one stone.
Also, during long summer and winter holidays when there is no school lunch, calcium tends to be deficient, so it is a good idea to add milk, yogurt, cheese, or just add it.
  Please note that the lunch box you eat at the cram school is not eaten while you go out to play, but only before or after studying. Sometimes I'm nervous, and for children who are burdened with cram school, they will eat lunch while feeling stress.
Keep in mind that you may not be able to eat in time.
The important thing is not to be too enthusiastic and not too hard so that you don't get "Why do you leave it even though Mom made it so hard!" It's a good idea to add a word, "If you can't eat it, you can leave it" so that the lunch box doesn't put pressure on your child.
It is also important to devise a size that can be eaten in one bite, and to make the amount suitable for children so that it does not take as long as possible to eat.
It's true that you'll be hungry when you study, but if you're too full, it can cause drowsiness and abdominal pain, so it's important to take that into consideration.
First of all, it is a good idea to consult with your child to decide what kind of school lunch is the easiest to eat and that you can enjoy it reasonably.
Lunch box for private school lunch
It's not something you buy over and over again, so the ones that keep you warm in consideration of winter are popular!
Lunch jar Insulation lunch box DeliDeli DeliDeli Stainless steel bowl lunch jar
600ml with spoon 
Soup jar 320ml Insulation lunch box  Stainless steel vacuum double structure keeps it ready to eat and can be washed completely with a handle 
Lunch box 2-stage bottle type
Chocolat cut lunch
590ml with soup cup
Lunch box lunch box bowl
Sub-Hiromori dishwasher can be used
Capacity 720ml
Middle: 300ml Contents: 420ml
Insulation lunch box Lunch jar
Stylus of long  
800ml with lunch bag
Thermos Lunch Box Vacuum Insulated Soup Lunch Set Soup Jar 200ml + Container 300ml x 2 
Lantus Cafe Bowl Lunch HLB-CD620 620ml
[Rice container] 310ml
[Side dish container] 310ml
Chill Time Sub Hiromori Lunch Box Insulation Bowl Donburi Insulation Carry Lunch 500ml
Container lunch box
Lunch chime
  Compatible with microwave ovens Compatible with dishwashers 
Lunch box 1 step 450ml
[Free shipping and music for tomorrow] Cocopot Round Lunch Box 10 colors to choose from
Upper / 230ml, lower / 300ml
Vacuum Stainless Bowl Lunch Jar Heat Insulation Cold Lunch Donburi Skater 570ml
Soup Jar Small 400ml Food Jar Insulation Insulation Soup Cup Lunch Box Lunch Iris Ohyama Free Shipping SFJ-400
Insulation lunch box Women's lunch box Women's adult tea bowl 1.2 cups!
Insulation lunch Stainless steel insulation container
  With a dedicated pouch
Zojirushi: Insulation lunch box
SZ-JB02-ZD Multidot
Thermos Insulation Lunch Box Stainless Steel Lunch Jar JBC-801
There is also navy 690ml
Pass prayer lunch box Magewappa bean type 1 step Shiraki partition with partition band Jukuben 500cc
Puts in a bag like a document
Thin 1-stage lunch box Foodman 400ml 
Asbel Lantus BE Pink Stainless Steel 590ml 2-stage dishwasher compatible Microwave oven compatible
Insulation lunch box slim
640ml with heat insulation jar
Insulation and cold insulation with chopsticks
Thermos thermal insulation lunch box
Matte black
Side dish container 0.23L x 2
Rice container 0.36L
Thermos capacity (L): 0.7
Fresh lunch box Dishwasher compatible, microwave compatible (main unit only), lid that prevents soup from leaking
Stylish lunch box
Slim 3-tier tower type BENTO 650ml Free shipping Lunch box  
  With case Dishwasher compatible No heat insulation
free shipping
Thermos DBQ-254B
Insulation lunch box 630ml
Lunch jar miffy
Magewappa tall oval lunch box lacquered 700ml 1 step 
Recipe book for private school lunch

This is a help book when you get lost in the recipe.

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