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Ingredients that students want to eat

What is No.1?

​All right! It's an egg .

Eggs contain many ingredients that are effective for the brain, and can be said to be an essential ingredient for examinees.

What is good and how is it?

For eggs ...

It is rich in ingredients that help the brain function.

Lecithin : An ingredient that enhances memory and concentration (it is abundant in the yolk of eggs)

Choline : An ingredient that activates the brain and is also effective in preventing dementia. (Abundant in the yolk part of the egg)

Contains ingredients that boost immunity and help prevent colds.

Lysozyme : A type of enzyme. It has excellent bactericidal activity, has the function of dissolving viruses harmful to the body, enhances immunity, and is an effective ingredient for the prevention of colds (it is contained in a large amount in the white part).

Sialic acid : Karaza (the white string that holds the yolk to the white) contains ingredients that have the effect of suppressing the growth of the influenza virus.

Rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to help recover from fatigue

Essential Amino Acids : Works as an energy source, helping to recover from fatigue and activate internal organs.

In particular, it contains all eight essential amino acids that cannot be made by the human body in a well-balanced manner.

Vitamins : Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E and more. It is one of the superior features compared to protein foods such as meat, fish and soybeans .

Minerals : Iron is about twice that of spinach, calcium is about 0.5 times that of milk, and the mineral content is outstanding.

Indeed, eggs are a complete nutritional food.

It's such a familiar supermarket ingredient, but since you can eat it raw, you're most concerned about its freshness.

Old eggs are cooked, but basically there is no big difference in nutritional value.

However, ingredients such as resoteam, which have excellent bactericidal activity, are extremely sensitive to heat and are lost by heating. Therefore, it should be noted that cooked eggs have a shorter shelf life than raw eggs.


Eggs that can usually be purchased at supermarkets may take up to a week from spawning to lining up in stores due to distribution.

Eggs sent directly from the online shopping area can be lined up on the table the next day at the earliest after spawning.


The difference in freshness is a surprising experience, as you can pick the yolk with chopsticks.

You can easily eat the finest egg-shaped rice that is unique to the production area, which is a hot topic in the procession on TV.

Also, if the egg is fresh, you can safely make the egg yolk pickled in rice bran.

By wrapping the egg yolk in gauze and soaking it in bran, you can make an egg pickled in bran with outstanding nutritional value.

Even on TVIt became a hot topic as a seed for exquisite bran.

Translation of deliciousness:

Because we are particular about the water that is carefully filtered by pumping the water from the clear stream Yoshino River from the basement .

Neither yolk nor white has an odor.

・ Eggs born from young chickens raised on a magical feed that is a unique blend of 12 nutrients

Cholesterol cut by 37% compared to ordinary eggs!

Radioactivity tested, measures against Salmonella. Because chicken influenza measures and China air pollution measures are perfect

It is safe and secure .

Why don't you order the hottest eggs at this time of the examination period?

Reviews are also highly rated!

As well as egg-cooked rice, you can choose the size of L, M, L / M, which can be used according to the dish, so you can cook various eggs.

The soy sauce with egg is also excellent and you can experience the best egg over rice.

There are many repeaters, so you should be satisfied.

Why don't you survive the examination period with delicious and nutritious eggs?

​Any other recommendations?

Let's stick to snacks.

Calcium-rich treats needed for growing children

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