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If you can't get good grades at the cram school, you can choose to be a tutor.

Especially for those who are aiming for the most difficult school, it seems that there are many people who use tutors in combination with cram schools.

There is no doubt that it is more efficient than studying by yourself to fill in the units that you are not good at, to make a difference with the students by studying methods other than the cram school, and to improve the grades of the cram school itself.

However, while I am busy with something, some parents find it difficult to get the teacher and their parents at their convenience, and some parents are reluctant to invite the teacher to their house. That's why online tutors are becoming more popular.

It seems that the number of people using it is increasing because of the current Internet society.

Find a tutor that suits your child and improve your study efficiency.


(1) "Select instructors that students long for" Match instructors that students long for, such as senior instructors who are doing the same sports and hobbies, and senior instructors who have the same dreams.

(2) "The University of Tokyo students can be instructed in any area." There is an office in front of the University of Tokyo, so there are many instructors from the University of Tokyo.

(3) "Students are instructors" Most of the children are e-Live instructors as soon as they pass the university.

(4) "I will teach you how to study" The staff in charge will teach you the study method that the instructors who were in the first grade were doing immediately after joining.

Guidance fee is only for the amount of guidance

You will pay the instruction fee later for the time you gave the instruction, and no overpayment will occur.

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Home net

(1) A learning style that uses the real-time conference system VQS and allows you to receive guidance in the same way as actual guidance with the audio and video and note sharing function "whiteboard".

(2) The junior high school examination course can be used not only for academic ability but also for aptitude tests, and you can take the examination with a thorough system specialized for the examination.

(3) Guidance by active national, private and public university students and professional teachers

(4) Achieve "cheap fee" and "teacher suitable for children" compared to general tutors

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There are "6" courses to suit the purpose, and the instruction fee is charged according to the "number of instruction frames", which is a postpaid style.


(1) A course style that allows you to receive guidance on the Internet wherever you are. You can also take classes from overseas. Recommended for those who are looking for a study method for overseas children and those who are considering taking an examination after returning to Japan.

(2) Class contents that can be freely customized

(3) It is possible to appoint a teacher who suits your wishes from among the popular tutors of Novus.

(4) You can start immediately with a 3-minute setup. You can experience it immediately with the starter kit that can be rented for free

Class hours once a week (4 times a month) are 50 minutes (basic fee) Teaching fee only

It is possible to take more than 2 classes a day (basic fee x number of times fee is required)

Fees: There are two types of junior high school exam courses: 1st to 4th grade courses and 5th and 6th grade courses.

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If you are looking for a visit type tutor
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