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​Goods useful for studying for entrance exams (Living learning)

Living learning (Ribigaku)

What is living learning?

More and more families are using the living room where their families gather instead of the children's room when their children study at home.

"The most difficult junior high school passers and the University of Tokyo students were studying in the living room."

Theories such as these have spread in educational magazines, and many people are actively incorporating living learning.

What are its merits and points to be aware of? Let's explore the true goodness of living learning.

Recommended by cram schools and major furniture makers

In the junior high school examination industry, a survey of Hama Gakuen in the past showed that many junior high school students were studying in the living room.

Since April 2014, there are active movements to encourage living learning, such as the provision of collaborative projects by Hama Gakuen, Shogakukan, NTT West, and others.

A major furniture manufacturer also proposes products that realize a design that does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you put it in the living room.

◎ Benefits of living learning

・ Become able to study without losing temptation ・ Tension and security ・ Parents can respond immediately ・ Gain concentration

* The point is to satisfy the approval needs of small children.
It's a good idea to say something in front of your dad and mom to admit that you're studying hard.

● Precautions to be careful to improve the effect of living learning

・ Do not get angry at home ・ I will answer properly when asked ・ Do not sit in front of the child ・ Be careful not to get sick ・ Be careful not to get sick

* Be careful about the sense of distance and the direction of your line of sight so that you do not monitor it.
When your child is studying, let's show that they are working on something together, such as reading, housework, and work.

The important thing is that living learning does not improve grades, but living learning makes it easier to work effectively to improve children's grades, and it is easy to improve their grades. It is important to have the recognition.

・ Masaya Morokatsu, an architect who presides over a junior high school exam cram school and has a book "Children's talents grow in the living room" (Mycomi new book), said, "It is more important to study in what kind of environment than in" where ". It is important not to study in a lonely environment. "

・ Various industries such as lights and interiors have entered the living room, but don't forget to look at the environment where it is easy for children to study, not from an adult's perspective.

Living learning goods (Ribigaku goods)

Recently, it is a popular living learning, but along with it, various useful goods are being sold as Ribigaku goods.

It will introduce a part of. Please make effective use of it to promote living learning comfortably and efficiently.

*  LED desk light that is easy on the eyes  free shipping 
Wireless charging Dimming Dimming Stepless dimming Dimming with USB outlet 
Free color temperature control from warm to cold colors

LED desk light
Body: Length 49.3 x Base width 20.2 x Depth 13.7 x Height 40.4 cm
Power cord: 150 cm
Weight (approx.)
0.98kg (excluding AC adapter)
Product Warranty: 1 year warranty

* Shut out the causes of distraction!

So you can concentrate on your studies. The slanted design does not darken, and it is convenient to store. Can be closed and stored when not in use.

Sonic Ribigaku

Study booth where you can concentrate LV-7392-I

765 x 390 x 355 mm (when used)
475 x 388 x 25 mm

* Collectively stores stationery.
It's convenient to carry around, so you can start studying in the living room with all the stationery you need for studying.
Maintain the correct posture with an inclined design of about 10 ° C. You will not get tired easily, so you can concentrate more.

* Miniaturized living room study desk mat!
Perfect for a small desk that doesn't get in the way in the living room.
Since it is a transparent sheet on both sides, it can be used on both sides. Since one side of the upper side is welded, it prevents the two mats from slipping.

Asuka / Anywhere Study Table / DSK01
Material: Body / Paper / MDF / EVA
Handle / PU
External dimensions: W455 x D330 x H90 mm
Internal dimensions: W440 x D310
Mass: Approximately 1 kg
Load capacity: Place on top / 5kg
Put inside / 3kg

Compact learning desk mat small

Miwax CMT

Material: Matte PVC inner paper Eco-pulp

* Measures against cold! Place it under the study desk to keep it warm.
Far-infrared panel heater in the office at home!
A quiet and warm environment with this one!
Panel heater Far-infrared folding Thin energy-saving 3-sided heat generation

* Let's bring out the power of children!
It can be used not only for learning and drawing, but also as a family communication tool. It is also attractive that it can be used for schedule management. Your imagination and concentration will improve, and your child's abilities will greatly improve!

Panel heater
Expanded size: 51 * 100cm
Surface material: Linen Heat generation material: pet
Power supply: 100v
Power consumption: 160w


Whiteboard Aluminum frame NWA-46 Width 45 x Height 60 cm (both vertical and horizontal)
Iris Ohyama Plain Cafe Shop Magnet Compatible Magnet Wall Mounted Household Mini Size Children Wall Mounted Lightweight Whiteboard Wall Mounted Aluminum Frame Fashionable Schedule 450 × 600 600 × 450


* It's easy because you don't have to hold the textbook by hand!

Recommended for tablet learning and programming learning.

Your posture improves and you don't get tired even after studying for a long time, so you can concentrate more. Clean and compact! Folding is OK! 6 levels of perfect angle adjustment. Holds firmly with a page stopper that can be used with both hands

* Cordless and compact, easy to move!

No matter where you use it! A dry battery-powered electric pencil sharpener that is perfect for living learning. Achieves outstanding usability with a full-scale spiral blade and auto stop function. Simple design and compact design that match the interior. The pencil insertion slot has a slide lock. Safety design to prevent overheating.

Sonic / Ribigaku

Lectern for studying / LV-7450-I

Product size: Approximately 280 x 230 x 50 mm (when stored)

Sonic Ribigaku Freaky Dry Battery Electric Pencil Sharpener  LV-1587-I

  89 x 90 x 89 mm
Mass: 222g
Power supply: 4 AA batteries (sold separately)

* Effective use of dead space under the table!

The "Living Learning Hanging Rack" can be easily stored by simply hooking it on the table. It is a recommended item that can keep the table top clean at any time!

* A comfortable desk space in a small space! [ Free Shipping] Depth 45 cm Wooden Slim Desk W120
Bright wood veneer with natural wood veneer Slim desk with drawers


Living Learning Hanging Rack [Cogit]

Width 32.6 x Depth 8.5 x Height 35.5 cm

Supports top plate thickness up to 8.5 cm

Hanging bar: Steel (powder coating)

Rack: Polyester Core: Polypropylene

Thin desk Slim desk

Width 120 cm Depth 45 cm Height 71.5 cm

Color: white, walnut, natural

Top plate: Natural wood decorative fiber plate Urethane coating

Legs: Natural wood rubber wood lacquered

* The desk transforms like a kotatsu!

The special cover is made of fleece and has high heat retention, and it is washable so it is clean.
A safety device that prevents the temperature from rising too high. With a 3-hour automatic OFF timer.

* A desk that pursues functionality, design, and ease of use

Space-saving design with less oppressive feeling even in a small room.The wagon has lock casters. Rich color variations.

Desk heater DEH-45-T

Iris Oyama

Body: Width 46.0 x Depth 36.0 x Height 3.0 cm
Fleece cover:

Width 51.5 x Depth 40.0 x Height 37.0 cm

* Perfect for living and dining learning!

Multipurpose desk! A desk of the perfect size under the dining counter or under the window in the living room. It also encourages conversation and fosters time with children and family.

Under the counter Learning desk

Width 90.5 cm (approx.) Width 90.5 x Depth 29.5

(46 including top plate) x height 87.5 cm

Width 100cm Junior study desk LOOK 8 colors study desk Living desk

Size: Width 100 x Depth 60 x Height 109 cm
Wagon: Width 38.5 x Depth 40.5 x Height 54.5 x 5.5

* Study desk Twin desk

Children and living original

A long desk with a width of 150 cm that can be used side by side with siblings and parents and children, perfect for living learning

Width 150 x Depth 44 x Height 70 cm
Load capacity: Top plate 50 kg Left and right shelf plates 10 kg each

About 23.5kg

[Color] Walnut, Natural, White

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