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Check what you need on the day of the exam.

This is a list of things to prepare by the day before the exam.

Most of the things you should bring on the day of the exam are listed on the admission ticket of each school, but there are many things that you can rest assured that you are not allowed to bring in.

Even if you don't think you need it, we recommend that you prepare it well.

There are some things that aren't ready right away, so it's a good idea to start preparing about a week in advance.

If parents prepare it for themselves, they will be in a hurry when they need a child, not knowing what they are bringing. Be sure to prepare and check with your child .

* Application requirements for the school of your choice

(To check contact information, schedule, map, etc. when there is a problem on the day)


* Admission ticket

(You should also prepare a copy of the admission ticket)

* Writing tools

(A lot of erasers and pencils)

* Confirmation notes, prints, and reference books

(What you can read during breaks)

* Winter clothes

(Cairo, gloves, rug, neck warmer, etc.)

* Wearable items such as cardigans that can be put on and taken off

(Because the venue may be warm or cold)


* Lunch box

(Only if necessary)


* Tea

(It is recommended to be as warm as possible because it is gentle on your stomach)

* Light meal

(Glucose, chocolate and candy, balanced nutritional food, etc.) (Because during breaks and after the test)

* Some schools are not good.


* Shoes

(It's easy to forget. My legs are cold and I can't concentrate on the exam, so be sure to bring it with me.)

* Except for schools that do not use shoes

* Bag for shoes

(Necessary when changing to shoes)

* Handkerchief / tissue

(Girls are menstrual products)

* Anti-diarrhea

(For when you suddenly have a stomachache)

The recommendation is " Stopper anti-diarrhea " for elementary and junior high school students who can drink without water and do not get sleepy.


* Headache medicine

(For when you suddenly have a headache)

We recommend " Bufferin Luna J" , an antipyretic analgesic that can be taken without water and does not make you sleepy, and is effective for menstrual pain and headaches.

* Mask

(For prevention of corona and influenza, such as when the air is dry and suddenly begins to cough)

* Portable alcohol disinfection

(Portable alcohol that fits in your pocket is convenient)

* Watch

(May not be in the classroom. You can check the time as soon as there is a clock nearby, so you can rest assured)

* Goods with confidence

(Lucky items that got good points in amulets and tests)

* Rain gear

(Folding umbrella, raincoat, socks, towel)

(It is safe to have a folding umbrella or raincoat in case of sudden rain)

(If it is already raining at the time of departure, you should also have extra socks and towels)

* Money + coins

(Urgent phone calls, replenishment purchases of lost items, transportation expenses when lost)

* Rubber bands and cellophane tape

(To bundle pencils during the exam or stick them on the desk so that the admission ticket does not fly)


* A piece of cardboard

(In an old school, the desk may rattle very rarely, so lay it under your legs to prevent rattling.)


* Many schools do not allow you to bring your mobile phone on the day of the entrance examination.

Make sure to check in advance so that you don't accidentally leave it in your bag on the day.

* School meeting time on the entrance examination day

* Which transportation will you use when you are likely to be late?

* Test end time

* Meeting place after the test

* Time of train / bus to and from

* Lunch method , travel route, transfer method, etc. when taking two schools a day

* Time of announcement of acceptance

* Presentation method (mail, school notice, or internet )

* Admission procedure deadline when passing


Check and decide by the day of the exam

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