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Required documents

If you are thinking of taking an examination or are at a loss about the entrance application, get all the applications as soon as possible when it is time to request the application.

Make sure that you do not miss the exam so that you can take the exam even if the school you are taking is changed at the last minute of the entrance exam.

You may get an application for free at a school entrance examination briefing session, but in many schools you can purchase it directly at the school counter for a fee, or you can get it by mail or at a bookstore.

If you are worried about making mistakes, it is safe to get two copies, but some schools are calling you to refrain from getting multiple copies of the application . If you really need it, buy the extras you need instead of getting multiple at the free school. To the last, it is better to think that junior high school offers special free of charge only to those who come to the information session.

Make sure to check the school website in advance about how to get it.

​How to submit

The method of submission varies depending on the school you are taking.

Schools with a short application period, schools with limited application handling, schools where the application method does not matter by mail or window, schools with mail only, window only, Internet application only, and more There are various cases such as schools that have separate reception periods for mailing and counters, so be sure to check the application guidelines in advance and follow the submission method specified by the school you are taking.
In addition, although the number of schools adopting Internet applications is increasing recently, those who are not accustomed to using computers and printers, online applications, etc. should prepare with plenty of time.
In the case of mail, it is often sent by "registered mail", but there are cases where the school designated envelope says "registered mail" or "registered mail" is not written but you have to send it by registered mail. ..

If you do not submit by registered mail, we recommend that you use a postal tracking service, etc., just in case.

Photo of application

The size of the photo to be attached to the application form varies depending on the school you are taking, but it is hard to decide what kind of photo to take.

In reality, the result of the test determines the pass or fail, but the first impression of the application is good.

Until the end, prepare for the exam without regrets.

First of all, in a private elementary school, both boys and girls can wear uniforms, but in public elementary schools, avoid wearing everyday clothes and wear clothes that are close to full dress. For boys, a shirt with a white collar and a V-sweater, cardigan, and blazer are good, and for girls, a white blouse and a V-sweater and blazer are good. Navy blue or gray is recommended as the color.

If you have an interview test or are buying for a graduation ceremony, you should use the same if it's not flashy.

As for the hairstyle, it's best to have a clean hairstyle with a first impression. For boys, a refreshing impression is good, and a shorter one is better. Considering the cleanliness of girls, it is safer to bundle two or one long-haired person. The length of the bangs should be slightly above the eyebrows and not in the eyes.

Also, if you wear glasses on the day of the exam, wear glasses to take the picture. (Necessary for identity verification.)

Some schools require a photo for admission.

As a countermeasure in case you need a photo in a hurry, it is safe to prepare a large amount in advance, but when taking a photo at a photo studio, it is better to choose a photo studio that can be reprinted immediately. is important.

​Precautions for submission method

At some schools, both parents and children may have to fill in their motives.

In that case, it will take time to fill out the application form, so you must think about what to write in advance before filling out.

Also, if you fill it out in a hurry, you may make a mistake, so it is important to make a draft and make sure that there are no mistakes before making a clean copy. (It is convenient to use a copy.)

Keep an eye on the fields your child writes, and fill out the application while carefully checking each letter.


Survey report

For junior high school exams, there are some items that must be submitted together with the application.

One of them is the survey report . Nowadays you don't have to submitThe number of schools has increased, but some junior high schools may require you to submit a copy of the survey and report card.

A survey report is like a private statement, such as grades in elementary school, number of days attended, and school attitude.

You may have to fill out a special form for junior high school, or the elementary school may provide it for you.

In any case, I have to ask an elementary school teacher.

Basically, it seems that the teacher in charge or the principal is often filled in, but in some cases, it may be necessary to ask the teacher of the grade or the teacher of the specialized subject.

Since the survey report will be out of work for the teachers, it is necessary to take care not to burden the teachers as much as possible.

Also, because you are busy creating it, you will not be able to fill it out immediately.

There are about 3 to 5 schools per person, and many people take 6 to 8 schools including the pre-examination and Kanto examinations. Keep in mind that it will be a considerable number considering that it will be necessary to create that number and the number of examinees.

In addition, there are some teachers who haven't been touched even when they are barely touched.

Please set the date of receipt with sufficient margin from the filing date .

​How to request

Depending on the elementary school, there may be a letter regarding the request for the survey form in advance, or the schedule may be decided at the convenience of the teacher, but in most cases you will ask the school directly.

Please check the teacher's convenience in advance.

First of all, we may ask you to fill out the survey form by phone, but if possible, it is better to send a letter to your teacher at the end of October so that the teacher can calmly confirm it. prize.

In that case, after giving details such as the examination school and examination schedule (scheduled to take the examination for each school) in advance, you must ask the teacher to prepare a survey after ordering the application in mid-November . It would be nice if you could tell that the teacher would be ready for the feeling.

Since the examination is early in Kansai, some schools accept applications immediately after the beginning of December.

If possible, please set the final receipt deadline to the end of November or the day of personal consultation as much as possible.

* Depending on the junior high school, you may be required to submit a grade report for the third semester. In that case, you may not be able to prepare a report card until December 20th at the elementary school, so plan to pick it up after the winter vacation or consult with your teacher.

​Precautions for request method

While you are busy, the teacher will prepare a questionnaire for each student.

Of course, we have to take care to make it easier for the teacher to fill out and manage.

One school for each exam, divided into clear files, with easy-to-understand notes such as school name, explanation of contents, submission deadline, etc., all at once, large tea envelope etc. It is a good idea to put it in and hand it over. (If possible, it would be better if you copy the page of the entrance examination application guidelines and enclose the part to be prepared by the teacher in an easy-to-understand manner.)

Please avoid taking them apart so that the teachers will not be difficult to manage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some junior high schools do not have envelopes for reply, and some have been prepared using a survey form dedicated to elementary schools. In that case, you will have to use the envelope of the elementary school, so you will have to ask the teacher to write it down. Please let us know and ask for it.

Also, although I ordered the survey form with the intention of taking the exam, I may not have used it for various reasons.

Unused survey forms must be returned to the elementary school at a later date.

Let's return it as it is without opening the seal.

How do you receive it?

Parents should be sure to receive the survey report.

Some parents seem to ask, "I'm busy, so please give it to my child." The school cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident such as loss.

Be careful not to miss the submission deadline and not be able to take the exam.

Submission of application

The survey report is tightly sealed. I'm curious about the contents, but never open it and submit it with the application.

​Attendance days

What is confirmed in the survey is the grades in elementary school, the number of days attended, school attitude, etc., but it is said that the number of days attended is especially easy to check.

In reality, grades 5 and 6 by the end of November are often required for the survey, but the number of days attended may be confirmed by the elementary school even after the entrance examination. It seems that some schools check whether they are taking too much time off to study for entrance exams in the third semester. If your school has such a tendency, you should refrain from absenteeism as much as possible.

However, many of the final classes at the cram school are held until the very end of the entrance examination day, so at the end, parents and children should have a thorough discussion and make choices so that they will not regret it.

​Application management

When you start collecting applications for the school you are going to take, you need to manage them properly.

Examination school, entrance examination date, survey form, photo, application date, entrance fee, etc.

Let's manage the schedule, deadline, size and payment amount required at the time of admission in a clearly visible manner.

~ Convenient tools ~

Please read the download terms and download from the following.

* We have prepared an application management sheet that can be roughly managed.

* For more detailed management, use your own notebook, etc.

* When requesting an elementary school to submit a survey, it is easier to see if you put it on the surface of a file divided by school.

We have prepared a request sheet for creating a survey report .

* This sheet is for making it easy to understand the contents and required documents at a glance.

Add a word of request in the margin or in a separate letter.

Also, it is up to the teacher to use it, but if you have won awards such as school competitions, you may write a memo or put a certificate. (It seems that it may be used only when the space to write is not filled.)

* We have prepared a junior high school exam date sheet that can be used to inform elementary school teachers of the exam school in advance.

Women's (interview, photo) white blouse & V-neck sweater & formal shoes

Men's (interview, photo) white shirt & V-neck sweater & formal shoes

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