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Schedule management points

Parents take the junior high school exam!

It's an expression that is generally compared in various places.
That's because parental support has a big impact.

As you know, the amount of learning that you should acquire in the junior high school exam is enormous, and while ensuring sufficient sleep time, you can start with school homework, cram school (same for correspondence education) classes, homework, and lessons. I noticed that the week was over and the month was over in no time.

Many people may feel the importance of schedule management, but may be worried that it will not work.

Therefore, I will introduce the simple points of schedule management.

First, let's summarize the items to be managed.


1.  Daily time schedule

[Items] Wake up, morning study, school attendance time, return time, cram school, meals, home study, bath, break, bedtime, etc.



First of all, let's decide from securing sleep time. Among elementary school students, more sleep is required than adults.
If you suffer from chronic lack of sleep and your physical and mental health is impaired, you will not have any children.
Especially in the 5th grade, you may end up staying up late at night without finishing your homework at the cram school, but be sure to keep your bedtime and try to manage your physical condition. I also need some time to take a break.
It is also important to secure a time to take a break to cool down the nerves that have been heated up due to information overload.


2.  Weekly study plan
[Items] Review according to the curriculum of the cram school, learning content on days when there is no cram school, etc.



After understanding what kind of learning will be done at what time and the course plan of the cram school until the entrance examination, let's understand the focus of learning. If you know the total amount to some extent, you can work toward your goal, but if you do not know the total amount of learning and the amount of learning is imposed anyway, it is difficult to stay motivated.
At this time, you'll learn math fractions. Or, I only learn about celestial bodies at this time.
If you find it difficult to learn what at what time and make time to review it again, it will be easier for you to concentrate naturally. If you can see that kind of overall feeling, it seems better to review the parts that you did not understand well on days when there is no cram school or when your homework is done early! It will lead to the motivation.

It's a good idea to follow up so that you can be well motivated.


3.  Annual schedule
[Items] Tests, parent information sessions, spring classes, summer classes, winter classes, and other school-related events, school / family events and events, school information sessions for schools of choice, physical education festivals, cultural festivals, and other school visits.



At the beginning of the school year, you will know a certain amount of annual schedule, such as elementary school schedules, cram school course plans, and test schedules. Let's build up.

At junior high school, events are held at about the same time, so it's a good idea to make a schedule by referring to the time of the previous year's event to see when there was an important event .

Also, make as many school visits as possible during the 4th and 5th grades before you reach the 6th grade when you are as busy as possible. It seems that the enthusiasm for "I want to go to this school!" Can be felt by visiting the school multiple times.
In addition, the ability judgment test that understands the range can be prepared by confirming the information in advance based on the annual schedule such as the target range and the tendency of the problem .​ It often leads to results.


Four.  Entrance exam schedule
[Items] How to set up a joint application school, arrange a survey, submit an application, schedule from passing to admission, admission fee, etc.



If you are not a parent, you cannot do anything with your child.

Make sure that your child feels at ease and can concentrate on studying for the exam.

Immediately before the exam, I feel uncomfortable and tend to make mistakes.
It is a good idea to use the list so that you can check and check it many times.
Even after passing the exam, I will not be disappointed.
There are also plans for pre-admission preparations, such as admission fee transfer dates, briefing sessions, and attendance on school days, so be sure to respond as soon as possible.


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