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School event information

2022 latest information!

School information sessions, open schools, etc.

The event is your first chance to get to know the school!

Be sure to check out the school events that are candidates. Even if you are not a candidate, get a feel for the different schools and find a school that suits you. Maybe more schools you like.

​School tour & school information session

Let's participate in school tours and school information sessions with our people. You can observe the class scene, listen to the school policy, and feel the atmosphere and the school you wanted to know. A school that was not included in the list may change to the school you want to go to after going to a school information session. On the contrary, when I look at school, I sometimes feel that I don't like it very much. It's a school that I attend for 6 years, so it doesn't matter what the reason is, so decide on a school that you think "I like this school". What to bring depends on the school, but it is convenient to have a bag to put the materials distributed at the school. It's a good idea to have writing utensils, tea, slippers or slippers.

Cultural festival

(The name may be different depending on the school.)

The cultural festival is the easiest place to get a feel for the school atmosphere. You can also know what kind of event it is, and you can talk directly with your brother and sister and feel more familiar with the school. Both junior high school and high school students are doing various things together. Candidate schools should check the shops and make sure the toilets are clean.

Sports festival & concert

(The name may be different depending on the school.)

Some sports festivals and concerts are not open to the public. Check in advance before going on a tour. Some schools are very focused, so if you can, you should go there.

Entrance examination briefing session

Be sure to attend the entrance examination briefing session for 6th graders!

It's time to narrow down the candidates.

Even if you have been to a school once, there are some years when the school system is changed and test items are added or changed.

Depending on the school, it may change from year to year, so don't worry even if you went to the school once, and let's know the correct information for the final year in the sixth grade. Depending on the school, the application may be distributed on the spot at the entrance examination briefing session. Be sure to go to the entrance examination briefing session of your desired school.There are many individual consultation meetings, so it's a good idea to ask about any concerns or concerns.

You can check the school when you participate in school events such as information sessions and school festivals.
I gave an example of checking, so let's download and use it. It may not apply to everyone, but it may be inadvertently forgotten, so it is convenient to check it with the check sheet below. If you have other things you would like to check, add them.
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