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​Goods useful for studying for entrance exams (general edition)

When studying for an exam

There are many things that I think are "convenient! Useful!"

Let's survive the exam in your own style while incorporating various things so that you can study for the exam comfortably.

Here are some recommended products that are convenient to use. Let's give it a try.

Does the size of the notebook represent the size of the thought? !!
When solving problems (especially math), it is said that it is better to write on as large a piece of paper as possible. For graphic problems, try to use one page spread for each notebook. For home study, we recommend purchasing a whiteboard if possible.
If it is a small space, it will be difficult to create free ideas and images because it will be forced to finish up to that point.
The recommended size is 1200 x 900.
A must-have item for making mistakes and problems!
Solve problems and homework in the cram school and make notes that collect only the wrong problems. There are many places that I recommend even in cram schools. A handy scanner is useful in such cases.
Eliminate the wasted time of copying what you made a mistake while you're busy, and scan it quickly and put it together.
If you put it together in the data, you can print it out and paste it on your notebook, or you can make an original question book. Larger ones can
be converted to text data with an A3 scanner.
Wall-mounted type
IRIS Ohyama / Aluminum Frame Whiteboard 
Size: length 900 x width 1200 x thickness 21 mm
● Weight: 7.3kg ● Materials: Aluminum, ABS resin, steel, polypropylene ● Accessories: 1 marker black, 4 magnets, pen tray, eraser, hanging parts set ● Mounting brackets are not included.
Handy scanner 5 colors to choose from
Easy data scan without a personal computer Handy scanner Mobile scanner
A4 up to 900dpi compatible automatic storage Ideal for data conversion (self-catering) of books / books Handheld portable handy scanner Mobile scanner A4 size up to 900dpi compatible automatic storage Optimal for data conversion of books / books (self-catering) SD card sold separately Handheld mobile formula
Single-sided steel whiteboard with legs
● External dimensions: Width 1290 x Depth 570 x Height 1800 mm
● Plate surface dimensions: width 1200 x height 905 mm
● Materials: Plate surface / steel, frame / aluminum, legs / steel, nylon casters, powder receiver / aluminum
● Mass: 14.9kg ● Order unit: 1 unit
● Function: With caster stopper (4 pieces)
● Accessories: Eraser (2 pieces)
A3 scanner
[Free Shipping] Scanner Scanner Stand 18 Million Pixel USB Calligraphy Camera Hand Camera A3 A4 B5 PDF OCR Function Equipped Document Scanner Scan Book Manuscript Material Book Drawing Recipe Stand Scanner School Carrying Self-Cooking Non-destructive Book Scanner WEB Camera zoom
ホワイトボード シート 60 x110cm





A completely waterproof book case that allows you to read books in the bath
Bath time is valuable for examinees.
Recommended for people who want to read a book even while they are in the bathtub! Of course, reference books are OK!
The biggest feature is the completely waterproof structure with finger holes that turn pages without getting the book wet even while taking a bath.
Since the finger cot fixes the opened page, the page does not close even if you let go of it, and it can be used as a bookmark.
Yubumi Bunko
Waterproof book cover "YOU-BUMI" [YB-4N] [Made in Japan Yubun Reading in the bath Book cover Book case Waterproof Completely waterproof Made in Japan Paperback book Paperback size New book size New book size Comic Half-body bath Study study Novel Wet not】
Kutsuwa SC220 Word Card Single Bath (Large)
For memorization subjects such as four-character idioms, idioms, science and society, it is effective to repeat the problem and memorize it.
In order to use the bath time effectively, use a vocabulary book dedicated to the bath to overcome your weaknesses.
You can also use it even if it gets wet. If you wet the water resistant paper with water, you can put it on the wall of the bath.
Because it is a large size, it has many uses such as long sentences.
It can be used with pencils, mechanical pencils, and oil-based pens.
What you write with a pencil can be erased even after it gets wet. 60 sheets of inner paper
Kutsuwa Word Card Bath Single (Large)
SC220 [Examination preparation]
H78mm x W52mm x D8mm
Material: (text) synthetic paper, (ring) PP
Word cards that can be used in the bath

Pyramid / pyramid
Mizu Shut CARD Water Shut Card Note
woms-1 A7 Size Ring Memo 
[Supports 3 cm mail service]
★ Size: 70mm x 102.5mm 
★ 50 sheets

5mm grid notebook
As introduced in "Why do smart people use grid notebooks?", The benefits of grid notebooks are great.
Let's use grid notebooks to summarize the notes.
Study in the bath
You can enjoy learning "Maps of Japan" in the bath!
You can learn the name of the prefecture and the location of the prefecture.
You can enjoy prefectural name guessing quizzes by local specialties.
If you pour hot water or warm it, you will get an answer and you can learn repeatedly. 4 sheets
Why do smart people use grid notebooks?
release date:   November 2014

Author / Edit:   Masashi Takahashi

the publisher:   Kanki Publishing

Bath Study Japan Map 
  Put water or hot water on the back of the sheet and stick it on the flat wall of the bath to prevent geography.
Sheet size with 4 sheets / 26 cm x 20 cm per sheet
Material / Synthetic paper For lower grades
Kyokuto School Note
SCHOOL NOTE 5mm grid 4 books (1 mini notebook with bonus)
Mail service support (up to 2 sets)

[Pack size]
W179 x H252 x D14
[Product size]
W179 x H252 x 5 mm

No need for notepad!
Notepad is especially necessary for solving problems and homework for cram schools. At first, I try to use the back of the advertisement for a little calculation and practice of Chinese characters, and I try to use the back of the notice paper that I don't need from the school, but gradually it is not enough. On the other hand, buying paper for notepads is not good for the environment because the amount of paper is increasing. Memopat is recommended there. No matter how many times you write it, you can erase it with the touch of a button. There is no eraser residue. It can be used about 50,000 times, so it is very useful.
Nuboard is also a whiteboard type and you can write a lot and erase it immediately.
8.5 inch electronic memo pad
Notepad LCD LCD Note Message Board Can be used repeatedly  Message board smart notebook digital paper
Material: ABS
Screen size: 8.5 inch LCD
Size: Approximately 227 * 147 * 5mm
Color: Black Weight: Approximately 108g Battery-powered Free shipping
King Jim BB1GX Ao Electronic Memo Pad Boogie Board Ao

Body size (W x D x H) mm 141 x 3.2 x 222

Body weight approx. 110 g Screen size 8.5 inches

Operating environment temperature 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Material Chloroprene rubber

Included items Stylus, stylus holder

I want to concentrate on my studies!
I want to concentrate on studying in a quiet space ...
I want to create a space similar to the test ...
Even so, the voices of brothers, sisters, and family members, laughter, TV sounds, and life sounds are something that students are interested in. It can be frustrating, fidgeting, restless and unfocused. Headphones and earplugs that can shut out the sound and concentrate are recommended for such people!
Concentration will increase dramatically.
When a book is flipped over and frustrated, use a convenient book stopper to concentrate on your studies.

The sterility rate of 99% antibacterial against about 650 kinds of bacteria by the effect of silver !

Soft silicone earplugs

・ Soundproofing only engine sound when boarding ・ Concentrate when studying ・ Securely guard your ears by playing musical instruments for a long time

Tomoe Abacus Book Paperweight Book Stopper BS_98

Adding a weight to the page will naturally keep the page open.
With both hands, work is smooth and the burden on pages and binding parts is minimal.
It also supports "large" and "thick" books such as dictionaries (one on each side, two at the same time for more stability).


Time to solve the problem!
It is important to study while paying attention to the time in preparation for entrance exams and mock exams. Solve this problem in at least a few minutes! It is a good idea to study while devising, such as setting and starting. At such times, the kitchen timer is a must-have item.
The large screen timer makes it easy to see the numbers and check the time. The "10 minutes, 1 minute, 10 seconds" button is very easy to use.
CANSAY nu board
New Book Format Nuboard [European Printing Writing Tools Stationery Notebook]

A new type of notebook-type whiteboard that you can write, erase, and carry around anytime, anywhere

You can use it without worrying about the surroundings! Vibe timer that can be without sound
In addition to the count-up and count-down timer functions, it also has a clock function that allows you to manage the time.
Active in various situations such as a timer for studying, an alarm clock for naps, and a kitchen timer.
Put the eraser residue on the floor ...
When I'm solving a problem, I'm focused, so I tend to just scrape the eraser scraps and drop them on the floor.
I think there are people who are often angry with their mothers.
Especially for those who are studying in the living room, it is difficult to do it on the carpet.
A desktop vacuum cleaner is recommended for such people.
It's compact, so it's convenient to put it on your desk.
Strawberry countertop handy
Desk cleaner [free shipping]
Eraser Dust Dust Cleaning Desk Study Desk Table PC Small Mini Vacuum Cleaner
キングジム(KING JIM) 》学習タイマー「ルラップ」
トキ・サポ 時っ感タイマー+時計

Powerful suction desktop cleaner black KEYBOCLN
Color: Black, Pink, Light Blue

Size: 80 x 60mm Weight: Approximately 140g

Material PP resin + nylon brush

Power supply AA batteries x 2 (sold separately)

Seiko Alarm Clock Say Coast Study Time KR893W
[Free shipping] (Excluding Okinawa, remote islands, and some other areas)
Learning timer

Size: 65 x 95 x 20 mm
Batteries: AA (alkaline) x 2
Memorize with your smartphone! Convenient marker pen
Recently, the number of examinees who have smartphones has increased.
This is a product that allows you to use your smartphone as a memorization notebook. An excellent one that can link the part traced with the marker pen from the top of the smartphone to the smartphone! For memorization, read the traced part with your smartphone and it will become a memorization sheet. If you set the masking color, you can learn several types with one memorization sheet.
It is convenient to use for going back and forth between cram schools.
Easy printing of large materials and problem collections of cram schools
If you are studying for an exam, you will have the opportunity to make a copy. It is very convenient to have an A3 compatible printer.
For example, there are times when you want to copy a large document or problem book, or make a copy of a print and solve it again.
Copying at a convenience store each time is costly, so it is very convenient to have one. It's nice to see the annual schedule and schedule calendar on A3 paper.
Compatible with smartphones! [ Free mail service]
High-tech marker for memorization and scrap with a smartphone Pentel Anki Snap Memorization marker /
Marker for scrap  
All 5 colors of orange, sky blue, pink, green and violet
I want to keep my feet warm during the exam season!
A warm room is not always a good environment for students. If the air conditioner is too effective, you may not be able to concentrate because of hot flashes, but if you lower the temperature, it will not warm up from the core of your body, so it feels cold and soothing ... The kotatsu is warm, but it makes me sleepy. Sometimes you can't concentrate on your studies.
The hot multi-heater is recommended for such people.
If your feet are warm, your body will feel warm.
The cover is washable so you can keep it clean and choose your favorite color to personalize.
For eye strain, try using a hot eye mask. If you relax your eyes and feel refreshed, it will be easier to concentrate on your next study.
Hot multi-heater
The cover can be washed !! Warm feet
Body (cm): Approximately 38x38cm
Cover: Approximately 42x42cm
Hot eye mask USB type
  Electric heating type 4-step temperature control Timer setting Repeated use Sleep Eye strain Steam Eye strain [Free shipping]
Never catch a cold during the exam season!
Of course, all students should be careful not to catch a cold during the examination season.
Hand washing and gargling are important, but recently, more and more people are allergic to or have cold-like symptoms due to mites on the futon. Coughing and runny nose can have a great effect on studying for entrance exams.
Therefore, the futon cleaner is now attracting attention.
It is recommended that you apply a daily cleaner to prevent your cough from getting worse by inhaling mites while you sleep.
A3 Inkjet Printer [Canon Printer Inkjet PIXUS iX6830] Inkjet Printer Business Printer Page Printer A3 Compatible Standard Model [Free Shipping] [For Okinawa and Rikushima, 2000 yen shipping fee will be added]
Yoga pole 100cm
If you study for a long time, you may unknowingly lean forward and notice that you are stooping.
Many elementary school children have stiff shoulders and headaches. Before that happens, reset your posture.
That's where yoga poles come in handy.
Let's lie down on the pole and stretch the bent spine. It feels good to stretch my spine.
It is two birds with one stone that can be used for mother's stretching.
It also helps to eliminate stiff shoulders, so you can study faster.
It is also recommended to use a neck supporter so that you do not face down too much.
Yoga Pole Stretching Pole
Size: 15 cm x 90 cm  All 14 colors
Stretch pole, exercise long with manual 
Easy neck supporter black
Corset [Free Shipping]
[WAKASUGI] Featured product Mail service Support your heavy head and effortlessly when using a computer. -Especially suitable. Supports your health such as long-term computer use and writing !!
Thorough removal of bacteria in the air during the examination season!
Since I have worked so hard, I need to be careful not to get sick on the day of the entrance examination.
In particular, 6th grade students who are going to take the examination must be careful about influenza and thoroughly manage their physical condition.
Therefore, what I would like you to keep in mind is to thoroughly remove bad bacteria. Manage your physical condition in every way to ensure a successful exam.
Therefore, we recommend an air purifier.
Handy Cleaner Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner DC61MHPRO Fuchsia / Nickel [Free Shipping [KK9N0D18P]

■ Size: Width 24 x Height 130 x Depth 27 cm
■ Product weight approx. 5 kg
■ Cleaner body and storage bracket are not included.
Bracket mounting screws included

[Maintenance of high concentration] Premium hypochlorous acid water Hypochlorous acid Kielkin back-in box 20L Hypochlorous acid aqueous solution Safe sterilization Free shipping 200ppm
Name] Weakly acidic hypochlorous acid aqueous solution [Product name] Kielkin [Ingredients] Pure water, hypochlorous acid [Use] Sterilization, virus removal, deodorization [Standard] Concentration 200ppm Weakly acidic (around pH 6.8)
[External dimensions] 20L 30cm (width) x 30cm (height) x 30cm (depth)

Futon cleaner Iris Ohyama
Cordless IC-FAC2 [Free Shipping]
■ Size at the time of use (cm)
Width approx. 25 x Depth approx. 45.9 x Height approx. 21.2
■ Size when stored (cm)
Width approx. 25 x Depth approx. 14.4 x Height approx. 40.3
■ Ultra-wide tapping pad Approximately 20 cm
■ Weight about 1.6kg (including power cord)
■ Power supply AC100V (50 / 60Hz)
■ Power consumption 400W ■ Cord length approx. 4m
■ Number of vibrations Approximately 6000 times per minute ■ Dust collection capacity approximately 0.2L
■ Suction work rate about 70W
Ball type aroma humidifying air purifier  Pollen cold
Influenza virus countermeasures
Rubbing PRICE H2O Air Purifier 258
Size (approx.): 18.1 x 19.1 x 17.4 cm Weight (approx.) 610 g
Material: Body (closure) / polypropylene, tank / PET
Constant pressure: 100V 50 / 60Hz Power consumption: 10W
Humidification amount: 20-25ml / h Cord length: Approximately 130cm
Tank capacity: MIN90ml, MAX420ml
Adaptation floor range guideline: 3.5 to 5 tatami mats Humidification method: Centrifugal type Continuous use time: 13 to 16 hours Motor rotation speed: 2000RPM (± 150RPM)
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