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Good luck goods for passing prayers

I think that all the examinees are working hard every day to study hard, but especially the 6th graders are not doing hard training for the examination every day while counting down for several days after the entrance examination. Is not it.

But after all, there are times when I'm not feeling well or feeling sick.

At such times, good luck goods are what the examinees rely on.

If you have an amulet, for some reason you will get more power and power. Isn't that the case?

Every day, all the examinees are fighting with anxiety, hoping that they should be able to calm down and work on the mock exams and even the usual tests.

If you can feel secure and encouraged just by having it, why not try wearing good luck goods.

You can hang it on the handle of your bag, put it in your pocket, or even in your wallet.

If it's stationery, it's good to put it in a pencil case.

Countdown calendar
Last spurt 100 days countdown
Daily calendar
[Goods for praying for academic achievement
Amulet votive tablet strap]
Examination goods / passing prayer amulet 
Gift with name Amulet with a request for name [votive tablet] Strap --Pray for success--
Supporting students! A passing hug that makes you feel good in a haori and headband! Bear  
A perfect gift for boys who are about to take the exam
 Passed Suikinkutsu
Jingukan original votive tablet with charm
Passed strap (pentagonal box)
It is made in the same box as a real box, and the bottom plate is also crimped.
A handmade dish carefully crafted by Masu craftsmen one by one
[Pray for passing animal Wataron] 5 pieces of exam limited set
Enter "Octopus" that passes the exam when placed! Popular sweets for passing celebration (Maneki Neko Daruma Sakura Koala Octopus)
[Pottery] Passed Daruma-san 
Palm-sized tile daruma doll prayer for passing
5 dorayaki prayers for success
Pass prayer assorted sweets winning set
Power stone amulet natural stone
Good luck goods 6 types to choose from
Power stone amulet that you can choose by luck "Amulet that connects luck and ties"
Ideal as a gift for loved ones Comes with a velor drawstring bag that is convenient to carry and store
Original print votive tablet
M size double-sided printing type
You can create not only photos but also data from illustrators and Photoshop that you created yourself.
Original pass amulet
Embroider words of support, choose from a variety of designs and sizes
Custom-made embroidery of the school of your choice, your name, and words of encouragement!
Only one amulet bag in the world
Apotropaic magic goods Seven-color amulet
[Troubleshooting Beans Cat Glass Strap] Cat Cat Miscellaneous Goods Mobile Strap Fashionable Cute Strap Smartphone Tonbo Ball Netsuke Band Ornament Cane Bell Keychain Passing Prayer Daruma
Amulet bag with sazare crystal
2 types of designs to choose from
Amulet praying for success
With 20g of natural stone crystal
Passing prayer Amulet Amulet Amulet Only one name-inserted key chain
Only one luxury key chain in the world Free name entry
Happy shrine maiden pass prayer bear 
[Another option name can be entered]
[Pray for passing] To the students who do their best! An auspicious passing prayer bear with the meanings of words such as "bearing," "tying," and "advancing."

Pray for success!

Dazaifu Gokakuma

You can write a message on the wooden votive tablet.
You can write a support message to that person who is doing his best.

Pass prayer Pass beckoning cat
Good luck to pray for the passing of the examinees!
With cushion  Ayae Good Luck Cat Daruma (Sakura Kinfuku)
Five-sided candle + Petit God
"God of Pass" set
A special set to support students and their families who are doing their best
Free shipping, special limited item profit set
Case prayer Glucose Maneki Neko (Large) 12 pieces
You can write a message
Glucose is pentagonal
Pass pencil
Plum envelope with amulet Dazaifu Sangu Five-sided pencil 5 pieces Pass prayer Pass support goods Empitsu
A set of 12 pencils that passed the victory
Print "Winning Pass Dharma". With the words "Winning Pass" along with the pink cherry blossoms to make the cherry blossoms bloom. Five-sided pencil
Pray for passing the exam Winning victory Supporting game Funny belly band [Haramaki]
Supporting goods for those who are trying hard to study for entrance exams! Pray for winning!
Two colors of red and gray
Shachihata (Shachihata)
Passed Kezuri Cap ZKC-G
Pray for success with a pentagon!
We support the students who do their best!
Collect the accumulated shavings and poi!
Difficulty breakthrough rice [free shipping]
Reiwa 3rd year production pass prayer Difficulty breakthrough rice (300 grams x 3) x 3
Gold pass series 3-piece set
3 Passed Pentagon Pencils & Pentagon Passed Eraser & Passed Pencil Sharpener
Red and blue
Ishimizu cotton
Passed Hachimaki
Size; approx. 330 x 900 mm
Material: 100% cotton
Amulet bookmark to pray for success
A small gift for the examinee. Instead of a talisman to pray for success!
A very cute wooden bookmark
[Gift to pray for passing the exam]
Nita water 2L (2 bottles) + 500ml (1 bottle) + Seven Lucky Gods "non-slip" chopsticks good luck gift set
With the matchmaking power of Izumo, make a matchmaking with the school of your choice! Good luck gift set of Okuizumo water and Seven Lucky Gods non-slip chopsticks
Pass prayer mug
【free shipping! ] Sakurasaku ♪
A winning Daruma doll praying for success!
Examination student support goods ☆
Happy porcelain pass prayer for microwave oven OK Coffee cup ♪
Five-sided chopsticks Wakasa-nuri chopsticks that are popular for passing prayers
Pentagonal pyramid chopsticks with passing chopsticks Natural wood color Black / Chamoto lacquer  23cm

Recommended for exams, qualification exams, etc.

[Disposable Cairo] 50 winning pass Cairo Mini (with pass prayer sticker)
Disposable body warmer regular type (type that cannot be pasted)
With pass prayer sticker
Popular product ♪ For students taking short pasta in the shape of cute cherry blossoms
Sakura Pasta 3 BOX
The lovely cherry-shaped pasta is recommended as a topping for salads and soups.
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