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Preparing for the junior high school exam


What exactly should I start with?

Even if you say studying for entrance exams, everyone will be at a loss as to what to start with.

Of course, going to a cram school is one way, but it is also important to find out what else you can do.

Actively incorporating various learning is necessary to make a difference with everyone.

I will introduce some of them, so let's try them.

First of all, let's take various tests.

"test? !! I'm sure there are many people who think so. I hate testing! weak point! Some people may say that, but once you decide to take the exam, the exam is the most necessary for your own learning.

I think there are subjects that you like and dislike, but there are many people who are not good at subjects that you dislike. However, I have to understand the subjects I don't like to take the exam and get rid of my weaknesses. Therefore, what is needed is a "test".

This is because I have to be able to confirm what I am not good at and what I am good at in order to proceed with my studies.

To do this, you need to know what subject you are not good at. Also, by taking the exam, you can check your weaknesses that you didn't notice, so it's also a shortcut for studying for the exam.

Also, take the exam at a large venueTake the exam surrounded by strangers. There are many people who are overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the place and are too nervous to fully demonstrate their strength.

Make an effort to get used to the test. Tests are held regularly at the cram school, but by taking the test in a stranger, you will become accustomed to taking the test calmly at any venue. Let's try various tests.

It is two birds with one stone because it is also useful for junior high school exams.

If you receive it first

Yotsuya Otsuka National Unified Test (Free) Twice a year

Generally, there are tests in June and November.

In many cases, a nearby cram school is the test site, so check it before applying.

Since it is a mark sheet format except for the first and second graders, if you are taking the mark sheet test for the first time, ask your person how to fill it out. The notes on how to fill out the form will be communicated at the venue, but those who take the test after understanding it will be able to take it calmly.

In many cases, you will go to the cram school where you took the exam to pick up your report card, so ask the cram school for details.

You can get the national ranking, the ranking by prefecture, the deviation value and the results by area, and the test results are well analyzed and explained, so you can take a full-scale mock test though it is free, so please try it. Let's do it.

Nichinoken National Test, Learning Ability Test, Academic Ability Challenge Test (Free)

Nichinoken also has a free test. It also serves as an entrance test, but if you try your academic ability instead of entering the school, there are many people who take it, so you can try it. Anyone from the 1st grade to the 5th grade can take it, so let's try it even if you don't attend the Nichinoken cram school. Of course, the report card will also be sent properly.

In addition, major cram schools carry out various tests for free or for a fee. There are many cram schools that accept students from outside the cram school, so it is a good idea to actively challenge the tests you want to take.

Ashiken Mock Test

This is a mock exam that can be taken from the 5th grade. 5th graders have 4 times a year, and 6th graders have a total of 7 times including the mock exam just before the entrance exam.

Since you can set the school of your choice and compare your grades with the data of successful applicants in the past, it is a mock exam that is close to the pass judgment test of the school of your choice. Since the schedule often overlaps with major cram schools, we recommend that you take it on days that do not overlap or if you have not attended the cram school.

There are various junior high schools in the venue, so you can have a full-fledged entrance examination experience, so if you have a school of your choice at the venue, be sure to take it at that school.

5th grade: 4, 3, 2 subjects once 4,300 yen

6th grade: 1st to 6th (4, 3, 2 subjects) 1 time 4,800 yen

6th grade: Immediately before the entrance exam (4, 3, 2 subjects) 4,800 yen per session

Comprehensive judgment (6.5 subjects) 7,000 yen

Venue list: Keimei Gakuin, Kobe Yamate Girls, Konan Junior High School, Yuri Gakuin, Takigawa Junior High School, Matsukage Junior High School, Kansai Gakuin Junior High School, Kujakuoka Gakuen, Suma Gakuen, Kobe Ryutani Junior High School, Hotoku Gakuen, Incheon Gakuin, Shinko Gakuen, Affinity Junior High School Mita Gakuen, Seifu Gakuen, Kobe International, Konan Girls'Junior High School, Mukogawa Women's University Junior High School, Kaimei Junior High School, etc.

* The venue will change each time, so be sure to check it before you receive it.

Measures by subject

Let's take the Japanese Kanji Kentei . It's also a good idea to take a grade class for review. You can also challenge higher grades. The examination level is 10th grade for 1st graders ... 5th grade for 6th graders

Examination fee : 8th to 10th grade 1,500 yen 5th to 7th grade 2,000 yen

Recommended problem collection to remember proverbs and phrases

It contains proverbs, idioms, idioms, four-character idioms, etc., is easy to read, and has a polite meaning explanation, so it can be used even from the lower grades.

You can learn a wide range of proverbs with accurate examples, detailed stories, etymological explanations, synonyms, antonyms and synonyms. Clear the examination study range with this one book.

Recommended dictionary:
Let's read!

There is a lot of volume in the entrance exam questions in Japanese. When it comes to long reading comprehension questions, you have to load the question over several pages. If you are not accustomed to reading, you will not be able to compete with it. For that reason, it is advantageous for people who read a lot of books on a regular basis.

Let's improve your writing skills!

Recently, the number of places to write essays for entrance exam questions is increasing.

If you are not good at writing, be sure to take measures against writing. It is also a measure for national language ability.

Click here for recommendations

↓ ↓ ↓


Take the Arithmetic Olympics and Arithmetic Test .

・ Although the Arithmetic Olympics do not measure the progress of learning or the guideline for taking an examination, it is advisable to participate in sports and games in order to raise the math brain. Venue: Science and Mathematics Seminar Umeda School Participation fee: 4,320 yen

・ If you take the arithmetic test individually, you will have to take it three times a year.

You may take the class of your grade. It is also possible to challenge higher grades.

At the elementary school level, the 1st grade of elementary school is 11th grade ... The 6th grade of elementary school is 6th grade. It will help you prepare for the exam and prepare for the exam, as it will lead to preparation and review and solidification of the basics.

For elementary school students, the examination fee is 1,500 yen for 11/10/9 grades and 2,000 yen for 8/7/6 grades.


​​ Most of the entrance exams have questions about shapes.

It is advantageous to touch more on various shapes before the upper grades to solve difficult problems.

If you can immediately imagine the image when you cut it, you will be good at drawing problems.

・ Abacus that is said to be strong against computational problems. It is said that mental arithmetic becomes stronger if you can imagine the frames occasionally.
Science edition

・ Let's grow the plant by yourself.I grow it for observation at school, but it's important to touch a lot of plants not for homework but to increase my own knowledge. It is important to know the type of species and to see the condition with your own eyes, such as color and shape. For those who cannot grow it, it is a good idea to actually draw in the observation diary which flower blooms from what species and the progress of germination. Recently, some schools have the problem of drawing pictures of plants for entrance exams, so it's a good way to prepare for the exam.

It ’s good to have a watering duty,It's a good idea to experience farming in the middle school.


・ Let's go to the planetarium and see a lot of actual stars and moons.

It is also important to experience the movement of stars with your body.

Astronomical problems often appear in entrance exams, so let's deepen our knowledge about stars on a regular basis.


・ Let's participate in an experiment class. Experiments are very important. Let's have a lot of amazing experiences.

Social studies

First, let's read a historical manga book. I started learning history from around the 5th grade.

However, it is very important to get in touch with history from an early stage when studying social studies.

It is important to understand the flow of the times in history, so what happened in what time and the general flow?

It is very useful to know what kind of person will appear.

​Subscribe to the newspaper!

In Kansai, there are schools with three subjects, but current affairs have become very important these days.

That's because it's becoming more common for students to come up with entrance exam questions other than social studies.

When it comes to studying social studies and current affairs for those who are good at math and science, there are many people who are a little reluctant.

Newspapers are useful there.

It's not so scary if you usually mention the world in the newspaper.

There is a lot of useful information for taking the junior high school exam, so we recommend that you subscribe.

Books useful for current affairs
Heading (small)
Let's study English little by little.
There are still many schools that are not included in the entrance exam, but when English is introduced from the exam year, we recommend that you proceed in parallel with other exam studies so that you can carefully select the subject in a hurry.
Nowadays, there are many English teaching materials available on apps, so it would be better to have a learning method that allows you to learn little by little with the intention of taking a break.
In addition, it is also recommended that you actively use teaching materials that you can learn with your family and play in English, and actively incorporate an environment in which English is used in your daily life.
English edition
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