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Useful for making bento

Making lunch every day. Depending on the season, you may need two private school lunches a day. You may hear the voice of a mother saying, "Even one is hard, but two is impossible!" Recently, the number of double-income households is increasing, so bento goods and methods that can save time are especially popular. It seems that mothers have made various efforts to overcome the problem so that they can continue to make bento boxes with ease and without stress. Among the many useful goods and methods, we will introduce the ones that were particularly good to buy and use in the ranking .

Ranking that was good to buy

First place  Frying pan with time-saving partition 

You can make many items at once, so it's a popular frying pan if you can save time on a busy morning.

It is convenient to add one item not only for lunch but also for morning meals.

Ranking that was good to use

1st place

A side dish of "Wanmairu", which is popular for shortening the working hours of busy mothers who work together.

A frozen type side dish set that has a high reputation for taste and is very useful for adding another dish. Ingredients are 100% domestically produced. No synthetic preservatives, artificial colors, no. It was also featured on NHK.

2nd place Subdivided storage cup for making

It is popular that if you make it even when you are busy, you can increase the number of side dishes for your lunch box and make daily side dishes easier.​ ..

2nd place Seven Meal

"Seven Meal" is popular because it is easy to use.

You can order at any time and save shopping time.

Not to mention home delivery, it is popular for its convenience without shipping costs when you go to the store.

You can also order popular Seven-Eleven products and limited-edition products that are not available at stores online.

3rd place Dishwasher accessory net

Unexpectedly troublesome washing of small items. It's a cause of stress and stress every day.

Silicone cups and packing can be washed together at once, so it is popular when it saves time and effort!

3rd place dining table

"Table flight" that is safe because it is supervised by the manager of Eiya.

There are many types and a wide variety of dietary restrictions. The reason why it is so popular is that it is good for your health, such as a menu that considers calories and salt. It is popular not only for lunch boxes but also for daily meals.

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