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Nishiyamato Gakuen Junior High School Past Problems


Please answer the number that applies to the following [].

Rice weighing 238g was put in 27 bags. The weight of rice per bag is 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, or 30kg. Then, the number of bags containing 10 kg of rice was twice the number of bags containing 5 kg of rice.
At this time, a bag containing 1 kg of rice is a [①] bag, a bag containing 5 kg of rice is a [②] bag, and a bag containing 30 kg of rice is a [③] bag.
However, I used all 27 bags and no bag was free of rice.

Arithmetic answer

① 13

② 3

③ 5


Products made of iron may be intentionally rusted on the surface. Why.
Choose one of the following that is most appropriate and answer with a symbol.

ah. Because the rust is hard and durable.

I. Rust conducts electricity well.
hare. Rust conveys heat well.
workman. It's rusty and easy to peel off.
E. Rust covers the surface, making it difficult for the iron inside to come into contact with the air.

Science answer


national language

-Write the katakana of the lines A to O in kanji.

ah. Both discussion and Shikou stop there.

I. In postwar Japan, the consciousness of "public" has diminished because of the slogan of "I".

hare. At first glance, it contradicts the allegations that are often shouted by Sakkon .

workman. The "tears" shown by the family of a young man who became a human being in Iraq ...

E. I think "tears" are trying not to look closely.

Japanese answer

ah. Thinking

I. respect

hare. Nowadays

workman. hostage

E. circumstances


Please select one of the following a to o that is absurd as a sentence explaining the city where the prefectural office of the prefecture that is adjacent to Nara prefecture is located, and answer with a symbol.

A. During the Edo period, it became a distribution center for rice and products nationwide, and was called the "kitchen of the world."

It was the capital of Japan for more than 1000 years after Emperor Kanmu moved to the capital.

Located at the mouth of the Kino River, it was reborn as a castle town of the Kii Tokugawa family during the Edo period.

D. There is a palace where the prince of the middle and big brothers moved, where the prince became the emperor Tenji.

In ancient times, it was called Anotsu, and in the latter half of the Heian period, it became the base of the Ise Heishi Navy.

Social answer


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