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​If you want elementary school students to have a smartphone

Cram school attendance has become the norm for junior high school students these days.

Along with this, the number of parents who have mobile phones as a means of contact during transportation is increasing, and smartphones that can use the app are becoming particularly popular. In addition, multifunctional smartphones such as LINE, which allow you to exchange messages and make free calls for free, and to use learning games, are convenient and give parents a sense of security that they can easily contact them at any time without worrying about time. Therefore, it seems that many people decide to purchase after taking the junior high school exam.


However, if you use it incorrectly, your smartphone will be a great enemy for elementary school students, especially for examinees.

There are many reasons, but mainly the lack of study time, poor eyesight, poor posture, overplaying games, the risk of seeing harmful sites and videos, and continuing to use the phone without restrictions. Such worries are probably the most worrisome.

You don't have to worry about anything, but if you still think about purchasing, you need to carefully research the functions of your smartphone, set rules for your family to use, tighten restrictions, and manage them properly.

For those who have already purchased, the deciding factors for purchase are those with low usage fees, those with smartphone restrictions, those that are easy for parents to manage, those that can confirm the location, etc. ..

However, the current situation is that there are still few smartphones that specialize in elementary school students.

Among them, we will introduce popular products that are cheap and easy to use.

​Recommended smartphone popularity ranking for elementary school students


Rakuten Mobile

Let's take a closer look


basic plan

・ Data communication SIM (without SMS): 1,000 yen per month ・ Data SIM (with SMS): 1,100 yen per month

TONE SIM plan (for iPhone)

・ SIM for data communication (without SMS): 1500 yen per month

・ Data SIM (with SMS) 1600 yen per month


・ All-you-can-call TONE option: 500 yen / month

・ Voice option (MNP is also possible): 950 yen / month

・ All-you-can-call option: 750 yen / month

・ SMS option: 100 yen / month

・ High-speed ticket option: 445 yen / 1GB

・ Anshin Internet option: 100 yen / month (when parents are not Tone mobile)

・ Wi-Fi option: 362 yen / month

​​ function

  • Application usage restrictions

  • Limitation of smartphone usage time (setting of usage time per day, time zone when smartphone can be used)

  • Anshin Internet Settings (Filtering / Security)

  • * Uses the filtering engine used by major telecommunications carriers

  • Confirmation of whereabouts

  • Behavior summary report (reports daily travel routes and usage of smartphone apps)

  • Geolock (Restrictions on smartphone use in specific places such as schools and cram schools)

  • Geo-fence (automatic notification function to parents' smartphones when going in and out of places they often go to, such as schools and cram schools)

If you want to see more details

Rakuten Mobile

・ Plan fee is free for 1 year (only once per person per line)
・ All-you-can-use data / calls all over Japan ・ Unlimited use of 5G communication with 5G area and compatible products (5G is only available in some areas. Scheduled to be expanded sequentially)
・ Unlimited use at up to 1Mbps outside the Rakuten line area when exceeding 5GB / month ・ Unlimited domestic calls using the Rakuten Link app

Rakuten Link app

・ Free calls, free SMS, group chat, news viewing and payment functions have been added.
Rakuten Mobile original next-generation message service app

  • Domestic and international calls

  • Domestic SMS, International SMS

  • Message, group message

  • Contact registration and management

  • Access to Rakuten services and partner services

  • Mission function to collect points

  • Payment (via Rakuten Pay App)

  • Check the point history

  • Browsing news and using coupons

  • Menu customization

If you want to see more details

How to use smartphones for elementary school students

Most households that have purchased a smartphone use it after deciding various rules at the time of purchase.

It is also important for minors, especially for elementary school students, to be aware that they are actually using it, but it is not their own. Make sure that you understand that you can use it after fully understanding that your parents are paying, such as mobile phone charges and monthly usage charges, and let them understand that you will set rules and use it. ..

By doing so, it will be easier to arrange rules after taking the exam and after becoming a junior high school student.

Of course, don't forget to discuss with yourself when making a purchase.

Remember the purpose

In the first place, let's clarify what it means to have a smartphone in elementary school.

If possible, use it only as a means of communication such as telephone and e-mail, and with the intention of confirming the location.

And if a junior high school student has a smartphone, a little stricter rules are required.

It is a list of rules actually decided.

Discuss with your family and use rules that you can use.

・ Telephone can be used only in an emergency

・ Until the exam is over, only family members and cram school friends can use LINE (however, cram school friends only have information about the cram school).

・ Only learning apps can be downloaded for games (however, only those checked by parents)

・ Use the game only when going back and forth from the cram school (not in priority seats)

・ When you are at home, put your smartphone in the living room and use it in a place where you can see your parents.

・ Determine the time limit

・ Can be used when going out with family

・ Use photos and movies only for family members or after getting permission to shoot

・ Do not write personal information

・ Never write bad words on bulletin boards or SNS

・ Parents manage all passwords

・ Never access dangerous sites (restrict)

・ Do not watch videos (impose restrictions)

・ Search with parents for the searches necessary for learning with the permission of the parents.

・ Do not use while studying

・ Do not boast of having a smartphone (consideration for those who do not have one)

・ When you go out to play with your friends, do not take them out of your bag. (For emergency contact, for location confirmation)


It is also a good idea to set strict rules for your family.

Never use your smartphone to take time away from studying for the exam.

If you do not follow the rules, prohibit the use

Under supervision such as usage time, only going back and forth from the cram school is allowed to be put in the bag.

Only emails from parents are allowed. Please be thorough.


TONE smartphone case

Rakuten Hand 5Gスマホケース

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