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Todaiji Gakuen Junior High School Past Problems

Todaiji Gakuen Junior High School Past Problems


By mixing xg of saline solution A with a concentration of 7% and yg of saline solution B, a saline solution with a concentration of 6% was created. Next, when A was mixed with yg and B was mixed with xg, a saline solution having a concentration of 5% was formed. At this time, find the concentration of saline solution B.

Arithmetic answer



Mixing 6% saline (x + y) g and 5% saline (x + y) g results in a saline concentration of 5.5%, an average of 5% and 6%.
This is 5.5% mixed with (x + y) g of 7% saline solution A and (x + y) g of B.
Since the average of 7% and the density of B is 5.5%, the density of B is 5.5 × 2-7 ← 5.5 (7-5.5).
= 4%


I put the fluid (gastric juice) that had accumulated in the same animal in a beaker, kept it at the same temperature as the body temperature, and put the other piece of meat in it. Two hours later, the beaker's meat was getting smaller, but when I looked inside my stomach, there were no pieces of meat at all. Write two things you can think of why your stomach was empty of pieces of meat.

Science answer

1. 1. Because all the pieces of meat were put into the small intestine before they were digested.

2. 2. Because it's a ruminating animal.

national language

Put two Chinese characters in the □□ part of the following sentence to complete a meaningful four-character idiom.

(1) Immediately before the exam, he studied hard without looking aside .

(2) The tense atmosphere of the place was alleviated at once with a single word from everyone.

③ After the entrance examination, my brother waited for a day to receive a job offer notification.

④ Traditional performing arts that have been going on for a long time are often the technique of one child □□ from father to child.

⑤ If this plan goes well, you can save money and travel abroad. It's □□ all at once .

Japanese answer

① Undisturbed


② Face break


③ Chiaki


④ Soden

⑤ Ryotoku


Select the wrong sentence from the following a to d as a sentence describing the state of the Heian period, and write the symbol.

ah. Hiragana and katakana were created and widely used in official documents of the imperial court.

I. Yamato-e was born, which describes the life and scenery of aristocrats.

hare. Japanese-style clothing such as Sokutai and Junihitoe developed among the aristocrats.

workman. Outstanding letters were born among the well-educated women gathered for the emperor's Kisaki.

Social answer



Hiragana and katakana created during the Heian period were mainly used by women, and official documents used Chinese characters.

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