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Kwansei Gakuin Middle School Past Problems


A total of 66 adults and children went to the zoo. The total admission fee was 33,900 yen. If the number of adults and children is reversed, it will be 43980 yen. Admission for one adult is 800 yen. Ask for the number of children.

Arithmetic answer

45 people


There are dilute hydrochloric acid, saline solution, and dilute sodium hydroxide aqueous solution. The bin is unlabeled. Answer the following questions.

How can I distinguish between the three? Choose the most appropriate one from the following and write it with a symbol.

ah. Insert a small piece of aluminum.

I. Use blue litmus paper.
hare. Use the red cabbage sign.

workman. Insert a small piece of steel wool.

Science answer


national language

Correct the following underlined part to Chinese characters.

① A Kabuki singer I Book singer

② A. School replenishment class B. School replenishment work

A. Create a machine to meet friends. B. Introduce a machine to construction work.

Japanese answer

① A role ・ B translation

② A training ・ B training

③ A meeting   ・ B machine

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