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Kobe College Junior High School Past Problems


Enter the number that applies to the following □.

I decided to apply for the sweepstakes by preaching the quiz with three people. First, Mr. A solved 6 more questions than 1/3 of the total, and then Mr. B solved 10 less questions than the remaining 3/4. However, the third person, Mr. C, was able to solve only two-thirds of the remaining problems, so Mr. A solved the last eight questions and applied. This quiz has □ questions in all, of which Mr. A answered □ questions.

Arithmetic answer

(In total) 93 questions, (Mr. A) 45 questions


* This problem is a considerable calculation. Make good use of the line segment diagram.

The last 8 questions that Mr. A solved are 1/3 of the problems left for Mr. C, so

8 × 3/1 = 24 is the problem left for Mr. C.

The problem solved by Mr. B is (24-10) x 4/1 = 56, which is the problem left for Mr. B.

The total number of questions is (56 + 6) x 3/2 = 93

The problem solved by Mr. A is 93 x 1/3 + 6 + 8 = 45.


Regarding the following sentences (1) to (6), write ○ for the correct one and × for the incorrect one.

(1) When you put water in the pot, the sound coming out of the pot gradually becomes lower.

(2) "A crackling noise is generated when the sweater is wiped in winter" and "It is tingling when you touch the doorknob when the air is dry" occur for the same reason.

(3) When you climb a mountain with a bag of sweets, the bag shrinks small at the top of the mountain.

(4) Hot air balloons utilize the fact that they become lighter when the air is warmed up.

(5) If you keep the warm room closed in winter, water droplets will form on the outside of the window glass.

(6) The way the air in the room warms up when the electric stove is turned on, the way the water warms up when boiling water with gas, and the way the cup warms up when hot water is put into the cup are all the same.

Science answer

(1) ×

(2) ○

(3) ×

(4) ○

(5) ×

(6) ×

national language

Correct the following katakana words into Chinese characters.

1 The question continued without sigen .
2 Cold butterfly .
3 The condition goes to Kaihou .
4 Courageous dictionary 5 Full of courage.
6 Make a leopard.

Japanese answer

1 Limit 2 Signs 3 How to get better 4 Useful 5 Inspire 6 Surprise


Please select two suitable ones from A to O and answer with a symbol as it is in Japan from 1960 to 1969.

A. The Japan-US Security Treaty has been revised despite violent opposition movements in Japan.
B. While the industrial area was improved, the sewerage housing was delayed and the pollution problem became more serious.
C. Department stores have opened in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, and eating Western food has begun to spread.
D. At elementary school, school lunches and home economics learning for all children, including boys, have begun.
O The Ainu Cultural Promotion Act was enacted due to growing interest in foreigners living in Japan and ethnic minorities in Japan.

Social answer


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