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​Past problems of Kobe University Secondary School

Mathematical inquiry

Uozaki used a unicycle to measure the length of the playground. The diameter of the unicycle is 25 cm, and when the unicycle is moved in a straight line from one end of the playground to the other, it makes exactly 200 revolutions.
What is the length of the playground? Calculate with pi as 3.14.

Mathematical research answer


natural environment

Urinalysis measures the amount of sugar in the urine. If sugar is detected above the norm, the person may have a disease called "diabetes." Diabetes is a disease in which the blood contains a lot of sugar.
Some types of diabetes are called "lifestyle-related diseases," but why? Write your thoughts, giving specific examples of "lifestyle-related diseases".

Natural environment answer

Eating lots of sweets on a daily basis or not exercising moderately can lead to a high sugar content in the blood. Some types of diabetes are considered to be called lifestyle-related diseases because such lifestyle-related habits are a major cause.

Linguistic expression

Which of the following a to o is the third (middle) when arranged in the order of the number that applies to ()?
Answer with the symbols A to O and write the Chinese numeral in ().


A () The road of the village is also one step away.
B. Even a small insect is soulful for ().
C. I am pleased with the encounter of the first term () meeting.
D. I am () the happiest person in the country.
Oh Summer is approaching () Young leaves grow in the fields and mountains.

Language expression answer


Civil society

Regarding the Asuka period, the era was decided by the political reforms carried out by the emperor's son, the middle-aged brother and prince, and the influential family vassal (Fujiwara) Kamatari.
What is the era name that was first established by this reform?

Civil society answer


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