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Osaka Seikouin Junior High School Past Problems


At a junior high school, the total number of boys and girls enrolled last year was 560. This year, compared to last year, the number of boys decreased by 12%, the number of girls increased by 10% and 5 minutes, and 35 more girls were enrolled than boys. The number of female students enrolled this year is □.

Arithmetic answer

299 people


Assuming that the number of boys and girls last year is A and B, respectively, A + B = 560 (people).
→ B x 1.15-A x 0.88 = 35 (people)
This will result in

(492.8 + 35) ÷ (0.88 + 1.15) = 260 people (last year's girls)
260 x 1.15 = 299 (people)


Express the reaction between hydrochloric acid and magnesium by a chemical reaction formula.

Science answer

Mg + 2HCI → MgCL 2 + H 2

national language

Choose the most appropriate meaning and answer with that symbol.

[Is that so?]

Oh, have you seen it?

It's possible


D. Naturally

Oh ridiculously

Japanese answer



In the past and now, the way we are involved in annual events has changed significantly, and more and more people spend their time regardless of their family structure or religion. A to O below are all traditional Japanese events. Arrange these events in order from the earliest, with New Year's Eve as the year, and answer with symbols.

ah. Obon

(Banran Bonkai ... Urabone)
I. Tsukimi

(Mid-Autumn Moon ...
hare. Setsubun ...

workman. Dragon Boat Festival ...

E. Spring equinoctial week ... Haru no Ohigan

Social answer

C → o → d → a → i

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