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Shitennoji Junior High School Past Problems


Three kinds of trees A, B and C were planted in one row as follows. First, trees A were planted at equal intervals, and then two trees B were planted between trees A and tree A. Furthermore, if two C trees were planted between the A tree and the B tree, and three C trees were planted between the B trees, a total of 321 trees were required. How many C trees did you plant?

Arithmetic answer



This is a periodic calculation that looks like a Ueki calculation.

First, looking at one cycle, it becomes ACCBCCCBCC.

Do not add A at the very end, but put it in the next cycle.

Since 10 trees are included in this one cycle, 321 ÷ 10 = 32 remainder 1

This corresponds to 32 cycles and 1 A.

Next, if you look at the number of Cs included in one cycle, you can see that 7 Cs are included.

Therefore, 32 × 7 = 224

This is the number of Cs.


Choose the wrong sentence from the following sentences that describe the swallow and answer by number .

1. 1. It is a summer bird that raises children in Japan during the summer.

2. 2. It comes from Russia in the spring and travels to Southeast Asia in the fall.

3. 3. I often eat insects such as bugs, flies, and dragonflies.

4. The pups are born with eggs, and the eggs are covered with hard.

5. Nests are made from mud, straw, and dead grass in the woods of private houses.

Science answer

2. 2.

national language

-Make katakana on lines a to d into kanji.

a If you violate it, you may be punished, etc.

b The fundamental sickness of pre-modern society is "quarrel" at the beginning.

c Human society has become able to store food through know-how and settlement.

d Tenkei -like war nations include Mongolia, Assyria, and the Persian Empire.

Japanese answer

a family [su]

b Mechanism [mi]

c farming

d Typical


Read the following text, which summarizes the history of natural disasters, and answer the following questions.

In 1854, a large earthquake struck the Tokai region, and the damage spread to a wide area from Kanto to Kinki. In particular, Shizuoka Prefecture caused great damage in Ise Bay.
That year, Perry of the United States, who led a seven-storied warship, signed a Japan-US mythological treaty with the Shogunate. Of the ports opened at this time, answer all the ports in present-day Shizuoka prefecture in Chinese characters.

Social answer


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