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Takigawa Junior High School past problems


Write 1, 2, 3, ..., 9, 10, 11, 12, ... in order from the left.
For example, the 10th number to write is "1", the 11th number to write is "0", the 12th number to write is "1", and so on.

Answer the following questions.

(1) When you finished writing 26, how many "1" s did you write in total?

(2) When you finish writing 253, what number is the "2" in the hundreds place of 253?

(3) What is the number you write in 2014?

(4) When did you finish writing the 253rd "1"?

Arithmetic answer

(1) 13 pieces

(2) 649th

(3) 7

(4) 721


What happens to the temperature of water when 0 ° C ice and 100 ° C water are mixed in equal weights?
Please choose one from the following (a) to (c) and answer with a symbol.

(A) The temperature will be lower than 50 ° C.

(B) It reaches 50 ℃.

(C) The temperature becomes higher than 50 ° C.

Science answer


national language

Correct the katakana in the lines a to e into kanji.

a Takanashi, the captain of the baseball club in the same class, was not seen .

b Ossa (personal name) was struck by a baseball team member.

c Tetsuya started the camera of the mobile phone in the forefront and got rid of it.

d An intruder wearing a yellow-green aloha appeared.

e When Atsushi is so happy

Japanese answer

a Candidate

b Enclosure [ma]

c structure [e]

d flashy

e White paper

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