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Tezukayama Junior High School past problems


The average score of Mr. A's math and national language is 5 points higher than the average score of math, national language and science. When the national language is 74 points and the average score of math and science is 80 points. Arithmetic is a point.


Arithmetic answer

92 points


(74 + 80 × 2) ÷ 3 = 78 (points) …… Average score of arithmetic, national language and science
78 + 5 = 83 (points) …… Average score of arithmetic and national language 83 × 2-74 = 92 (points) …… Arithmetic


Answer the following questions about latitude / longitude, time, and readiness on the earth.

Positions on the earth can be represented by latitude and longitude. Suppose that the sunrise time in Akashi City at 135 ° east longitude is just 6 am.
What time is the sunrise time at the easternmost point of Japan (146 ° east longitude) on that day?

Science answer

5:16 am

national language

Change the underlined parts of 1 to 5 to Chinese characters and the underlined parts of 11 to 15 to hiragana.

1. 1. Find out the meaning of the words you learned for the first time.
2. I catch a cold and my body hurts here and there.
3. 3. Anki all the lyrics of your favorite song.
Four. Ask for the first show when you come to this school.
Five. This typhoon recorded the amount of kou for the first time in the history of observation.

11. 11. I will arrange for this advantage.
12. Recite the Nembutsu in the temple hall.
13. The thickets in the neighborhood are becoming more and more residential land.
14. I don't want people to ask me. Have a written conversation .
15. 15. The idyllic countryside is soothing for a while.


Japanese answer

1. Dictionary 2. Joints 3. Memorization 4. Impressions 5. Rainfall

11. Haka [Rau] 12. Tona [Eru] 13. Thicket 14. Thicket 15. Denen


In World War I, the war was divided into two groups, the "Allied Powers" and the "Allies".
Select one of the following countries from a to d on the ally side.

A. Australia

B. United Kingdom

C. Russia

D. France

Social answer


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