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Deviation value
(80% chance of passing from Nichinoken data)

Nara Gakuen Junior High School

Naragaku Enchu Gakko)

 430 Yamada-cho, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture

​55 55
Capacity: Approximately 160 people
Nearest station:

About 90 minutes from Hankyu Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station

About 70 minutes from JR Osaka Station JR

About 70 minutes from JR Kyoto Station

About 15 minutes directly from JR Yamato-Koizumi Station (Nara Kotsu Bus Yamato-Koizumi Station East Exit)

Nara Gakuen University Nara Bunka High School is a mixed-type junior high and high school that is run by Nara Gakuen and is located in Yamatokoriyama City.
Horyuji Temple is to the south, and one of the attractions of the school building is the spacious campus surrounded by lush greenery, which was established in the Yata Hills overlooking the Nara Basin. A major feature is a free school spirit, and the educational goal is to train highly creative and highly motivated people who will lead the next generation. The basic policy of education is the ability to grow up at Nara Gakuen, with the pillars of academic ability, independence, humanity, and physical strength. 90% of the students belong to club activities and are engaged in both Bunbu and Budo. In addition, we have a satoyama on a vast site of 13 hectares, and we have continued to study environmental science utilizing the satoyama in the school for nearly 10 years, and it has been designated as a Super Science High School. We are also actively working on classes that utilize ICT and the utilization of tablet PCs.
Exam subject :
4 subjects: Japanese, math, society, science
3 subjects: Japanese, math, science
2 subjects: Japanese, math
Interview : None
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
​No religion
There is a uniform
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
A / B: 8:45 Completion of admission to the test site 9 o'clock test start

Schedule A: Saturday, January 15th, 3 subjects, 4 subjects
Schedule B: January 16th (Sun) 3 subjects, 4 subjects
C: 16:00 or 16:45 test start

Schedule C: January 17 (Monday) 2 subjects
result publication:
Schedule A: Sunday, January 16th, 13:45
Schedule B: January 17 (Monday) 11:00
Schedule C: January 18th ( Tuesday) 18:00 bulletin board / web
Exam fee: 18,000 yen
Start time: 8: 40 ~
50 minutes class
Last time to leave school: 18:00
Clubs: Land club, table tennis club, tennis club, kendo club, archery club, judo club, soccer club, basketball club, badminton club, junior high school baseball club, volleyball club, swimming club, go shogi club, history research club, traffic problems Research Department, DANCE & VOCAL Department, Judo Department, Gardening Department, Chamber Music Department, Science Department, ESS, Astronomy Department, Literature Department, Light Music Department, Art Department, Quiz Research Club



Seikyo Gakuen Junior High School


623 Suehirocho, Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture

TEL.0721-62-6828 (Representative) TEL.0721-63-8568 (Admission)

Capacity: Approximately 140 people
It is a popular middle and high school integrated school in the Minamikawachi area, which is operated based on Christianity.
The founding spirit of "Education without God creates a demon with wisdom, and education with God leads people to wisdom with love", and the spirit of "Love God, love people, pursue the truth and raise intelligence" We are advancing education based on this, and we are focusing on "mental education." As a school spirit, we are proactively advocating both Bunbu and Budo, and have received great acclaim, such as achieving top prizes in various competitions in club activities at the national level such as the chorus club and Naginata club, and other than that. Some families go to school for three generations, and it is characterized by having a large brand locally. In addition to English education, which we have been focusing on for many years, in recent years we have been focusing on developing problem-solving skills and ICT education.
Exam subject :
4 subject types (country, arithmetic, science, company) or 3 subject types (country, arithmetic, science)
Interview : Only for the 4 subject-type examinees who applied for the first semester
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
There is a uniform
Nearest station:

28 minutes from Namba on the Nankai Line, get off at Kawachinagano

About 10 minutes on foot

Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4th Year 8:15 Meeting / Roll Call
First semester entrance exam: Saturday, January 15
Late Entrance Examination: January 17th (Monday)
result publication:
Entrance exam for the first semester: Web announcement January 16th (Sat) after 20:00
Bulletin on campus January 17th (Sun) 10: 00-12: 00
Late Entrance Examination: Web Announcement After 20:00 on January 18 (Monday)
     Bulletin on campus January 19th (Tuesday) 10: 00-12: 00

Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 20-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 18:00
Clubs: Wind music club, handbell club, art club, chorus club, home economics club, ESS club, science club, calligraphy club, junior high school athletic club, soft baseball club, soccer club, men's soft tennis club, women's soft tennis club, men's hard tennis club, Naginata club, Kendo club, table tennis club, men's volleyball club, women's basketball club

16 Momoyama Iikamon Higashimachi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
TEL 075 (611) 0264

Capacity: Approximately 120 people
As an affiliated school of Kyoto University of Education, it is a junior high school engaged in empirical research on education and on-the-job education (educational training, observation participation research).
The educational goal is "cultivation of students who have rich sensibilities and develop themselves while interacting with others (rich sensibilities, shining individuality, expanding symbiosis)", and as an affiliated institution of Kyoto University of Education, "advanced" It has three missions: "Education and Research", "Contribution to Community Education", and "High Quality Educational Training". Unlike private integrated schools, there are options for going on to high school or university, and some students go on to public high school. One of the characteristics is the educational activity that forms the center of "comprehensive learning" called "MET". Aiming for students to work on "new forms of learning" as "pioneers of learning", the second and third graders remove the frame of the grade, make the best use of the area, interact with various people, and choose the course themselves. In this, we are proactively developing problem-solving learning. There is also a returnee education class, and it is one of the few schools in Kansai that accepts returnees.
Exam subject :
Country / Calculation / Science / Company
  Interview: None
National Junior High School
​No religion
There is a uniform
Nearest station:

Get off at "Kintetsu-Tambabashi Station" on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line and walk for about 3 minutes.

Get off at "Tambabashi Station" on the Keihan Main Line and walk for about 4 minutes.

Momoyama Junior High School attached to Kyoto University of Education

(Today and Kyoto University)

Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4th Year 8:30 Admission
Saturday, January 15
result publication:
Bulletin board from 9:00 to 17:00 on January 18 (Tuesday) to our school

Exam fee: 5,000 yen
Start time: 8: 30-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 17:15 in summer 17:00 in winter
Club: Soccer / Swimming / Men's Volleyball / Women's Volleyball / Women's Basketball / Men's Soft Tennis / Women's Soft Tennis / ICT / Science / Art / Music / Home / ESS
Nearest station:
From the West Exit of JR Moriyama Station, take the Omi Railway Bus "Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior High School / High School", "Citizen's Hall Line" and "Sugie Circulation Line" and get off at "Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior High School / High School".

Ritsumeikan Moriyama Junior High School

(Ritsumeikan Moriyama Chugakko)

250 Miyakecho, Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture
TEL: 077-582-8000

52 52
Capacity: Approximately 160 people
In 2006, the school founder was transferred from Moriyama City to the school corporation Ritsumeikan, and it is a new school that opened as Ritsumeikan Moriyama High School.
As a result of the transfer, he became a member of Ritsumeikan Gakuen, so as a new educational goal, he has an identity as a member of Ritsumeikan Gakuen, understands "freedom and freshness" and "peace and democracy", and can play an active role in the international community and local communities. Foster international people with high abilities, ethics, and civic morals. The goal is set. Taking advantage of the characteristics of a university-affiliated school, the three "C" ("Challenge" "" We have come up with the concept of "Change" and "Creation"). A fulfilling learning environment where both Bunbu and Bunbu can be highly trained, such as science laboratories, Cytec Labs, media centers and other facilities where you can experience cutting-edge science and technology, IT equipment, a gymnasium equipped with air conditioning, and an iris ground of 22,000 m². One of the great attractions is that it is maintained.
Exam subject :
[4 departments] Japanese / math / science / society [3 departments / science] Japanese / math / science [3 departments / English] Japanese / math / English
[Type 2] Japanese / Arithmetic
[21st century type] Composition 600 characters
[Aptitude test] Test I (national language / society), Test II (math / science)
Interview :
Individual interviews (only for the individual) are also conducted at the "Kagayaki 21 Entrance Examination (self-recommended entrance examination)".
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
​No religion
There is a uniform
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years

A1 Schedule: Saturday, January 15th, morning

Meeting confirmation 8:45 Examination venue: Our school /

Brightness 21 entrance exam (self-recommended entrance exam) ・ Brightness 21 + AD exam ・

General entrance exam

A2 Schedule: Saturday, January 15th, afternoon

Meeting confirmation 15:45 Examination venue: Our school / general entrance examination

B1 Schedule: Sunday, January 16th, afternoon

Meeting confirmation 10:15 Examination venue: Our school / General entrance examination (appropriate examination type)

B2 Schedule: Sunday, January 16th, afternoon

Meeting confirmation 15:45 Examination venue: Our school / general entrance examination

result publication:
A1, A2, B1, B2 Schedule: Tuesday, January 18, 15:00
Announced on the WEB
Examination fee: A1, A2, B2 schedule 20,000 yen B1 schedule [Aptitude test type] 10,000 yen
Start time: 8:30
50 minutes class
Last time to leave school: 18:00

American Football Club, Soccer Club, Men's Handball Club, Women's Handball Club, Athletics Club, Men's Basketball Club, Women's Basketball Club, Badminton Club, Men's Tennis Club, Women's Tennis Club, Cytec Club, Wind Music Club, Art, Design Club・ Calligraphy Department ・ Japanese Culture Research Department ・ Literary Arts Department ・ ESS (UNESCO Junior) Department

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