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​Girls' school

Deviation value
(80% chance of passing from Nichinoken data)

Affinity Junior High School

(Shinwa Chugakko)

6-1 Tsuchiyama-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Phone: 078-854-3800

Nearest station:

About 5 minutes on foot from Takahacho bus stop

About a 15-minute walk from Rokko Station on the Hankyu Kobe Line Kobe City Bus ⑯ System Rokko Cable Down Takahacho Bus Stop

​47 47
Capacity: Approximately 210 people
It is the oldest traditional girls' school in Kobe, which opened in 1887.
With the educational policy of "letting students choose their own path and valuing each person's values," we aim to foster women who can play an active role throughout their lives in a free school spirit. We incorporate career education and cross-curricular activities. In addition, during the summer vacation, we offer a variety of programs such as Melbourne short-term exchange homestay, Oxford English and cultural training, etc. that not only improve your language skills but also allow you to grow by experiencing nature and culture. From the 2020 junior high school entrance exam, we are practicing new ideas that match the changing times, such as working on a new attempt called the presentation entrance exam.
Exam subjects : First semester I -Country / math / science or country / math / company or country / math / company / science first semester II -Language / mathematical field
Late I -Japanese or English / Arithmetic Late II -Country / Arithmetic
Presentation -Presentation English Qualification -Interview
Arithmetic 1- Arithmetic Challenge, Sudden Illness, etc.- Japanese / Arithmetic

Interview : Only for English qualification entrance exams and returnees
Private junior high and high school integrated school (complete type)
​No religion
​There is a uniform
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
January 15th (Sat) First term I-AM, First term II-PM
Saturday, January 15 English Entrance Exam-AM,
Presentation Entrance Exam-AM
Arithmetic 1 Subject Entrance Exam-PM
January 16 (Sun) Late I-AM, Late II-PM
January 23 (Sun) Challenge / Sudden Illness Entrance Examination-AM
Returnee child special entrance examination
[Overseas Entrance Examination (Central Day)]
①Saturday, October 23, 2021 * Online (ZOOM) support

[Domestic Entrance Examination Main School Venue]
December 5, 2021 (Sun) Our school venue
January 15, 2022 (Sat) Sannomiya External Venue
Mid-late February 2022 Main school venue
Late March 2022 Not implemented if the capacity of our school venue is sufficient.

Announcement of success: Announced only on the web
First term I, first term II, second term I
English entrance exam, presentation entrance exam,Arithmetic 1 subject entrance exam
-January 17th (Monday) 16: 00-
Late II-January 18th (Tuesday) 9: 00 ~
Entrance exam for challenges and sudden illnesses-Sunday, January 23, 16: 00-
Announcement of passing the special entrance examination for returnees
to be decided
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
​​ Start time: 8: 40-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 18:00 daylight saving time and 17:30 winter time
Club: Tennis club, volleyball club, table tennis club, softball club, swimming club, handball club, basketball club, athletics club, badminton club, karate club, ESS・ Instrumental music club ・ Photography club ・ Literature club ・ Movie club ・ Guitar club ・ Calligraphy club ・ Broadcasting club ・ Gardening club ・ Light music club ・ Newspaper club ・ Science club ・ Chorus club ・ Biology club ・ Manga research club ・ Home club ・ Social club ・Art club, computer club, etc.

Otani Junior High School

(Otani Chugakko)

2-8-4 Kyoritsudori, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Phone: 06-6661-0385

Nearest station:
8 minutes walk from Abeno Station on the Subway Tanimachi Line
17 minutes walk from Tennoji Station
Capacity: Approximately 240 people
With the motto of being gentle, smart, and beautiful, we are focusing on discipline education and going on to higher education, and recently, it is the only complete middle and high school integrated school in Osaka that has seen a rapid increase in the achievements of going on to higher education.
It is a traditional school of Jodo Shinshu (Buddhism) that has been established for more than 90 years with the desire to "cultivate deep faith and rich culture in the young soul that should be the mother of the times." International exchange is thriving, and there are many sister schools and affiliated schools, and we are engaged in not only overseas training and exchange of international students, but also exchange through the Internet. Club activities are also active, and the baton twirling club has participated in national competitions for the fifth consecutive year, and table tennis and track and field have also achieved results in national competitions. There is a junior high school with the same name in Kyoto, but Otani Gakuen in Kyoto has a different management body and is a co-school. Simple and elegant sailor suits that have remained unchanged for more than 50 years have become popular.
Exam subject :
Medical advance course 4 department type, 3 department type science, aptitude future type doctor

Special advance course 4 department type, 3 department type company, aptitude future type special
Rinka course 4 department type, 3 department type company, special application, special selection
  Interview : None
Jodo Shinshu (Buddhism)
Private junior high and high school integrated school (complete type)
There is a uniform
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
Primary A, Primary B-Saturday, January 15th,
1st C-January 16th (Sun), 2nd-January 17th (Mon)
result publication:
1st A, 1st B- January 16th (Sun) WEB 11: 00-13: 00,
Primary C -Monday, January 17th, WEB 14: 30-16: 30,
Tuesday, January 18th, WEB 11: 00-13: 00,
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 20-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 18:30
Club: Tennis, softball, table tennis, dance, handball, basketball, baton twirling, badminton, volleyball, land

Mukogawa Women's University Junior High School

(Mukogawa University University)

4-16 Edagawa-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo

Phone: 0798-47-6436

Hanshin Naruo Station​ 16 minutes on foot
Nearest station:
20 minutes walk from Hanshin Koshien Station
41 41
Capacity: Approximately 320 people
It is the first private girls' school in Japan designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "SSH". It is a middle and high school integrated school that has been one of the leading girls' comprehensive schools in Japan for more than 80 years.
As a private girls' school, it has been designated as Japan's first Super Science High School. With the catchphrase "Mukogawa-Beautiful as a person-", we aim to "cultivate women who can contribute to people, homes, and society" by "practicing education for all who foster a wide range of education and rich humanity." Full facilities such as a retractable pool, gymnasium, seminar building, art hall, and other facilities such as a ground that is the same size as Koshien Stadium, are a big attraction on a vast campus of about 48,000 m2. is. It has been highly evaluated in the questionnaire "List of recommended junior high and high school integrated schools selected by purpose" conducted by an external organization. As for club activities, there are various clubs such as 12 physical education clubs and 22 cultural clubs, and the facilities for club activities are also substantial. Music clubs in particular are known at the national level.
Exam subjects : Self-recommended entrance exam- composition / interview
4 family type country / arithmetic / science / company 3 department type country / arithmetic / science or company 2 department type country / arithmetic
Programming entrance exam 1 subject exam English 1 subject exam
Interview : Self-recommended admissions only
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
No religion
There is a uniform
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4th Year Self-Recommended Entrance Examination: Method A: January 15th (Sat) 9: 00 ~
Method B: Saturday, January 15th, 16: 30-
Programming entrance exam: January 16th (Sun) 13: 30-
Method C: January 16th (Sun) 17: 00-
Method D: January 17th (Monday) 9 : 00-
Announcement of success: web
Self-A: Sunday, January 16th, 8am to 10am
B: January 17th (Monday) 16: 00-18: 00
P ・ C ・ D: January 18th (Tuesday) 10: 00-11: 00
: Document delivery
Self-A: January 17th (Sun) 12: 00-13: 00
B: January 19th (Tuesday) 10: 00-11: 00
P ・ C ・ D: Tuesday, January 19th, 16: 00-17: 00
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 45-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 16:10
Club: Gymnastics club (gymnastics / new gymnastics), baton twirling club, softball club, swimming club, handball club, creative dance club, volleyball club, tennis club, basketball club, kendo club, table tennis club, badminton club, athletics club・Judo club ・Soft tennis club ・Marching band club ・Dance club ・Broadcasting club ・Calligraphy club ・Chemistry club ・Volunteer club ・Chorus club ・Literature club ・Drama club ・Photography club ・Geography (history) club ・Orchestra club ・Home economics club ・Mathematics department, physics department, biology department, astronomical department, art department, English department, clothing department, gardening department, flower art department, tea ceremony department, personal computer department , etc.

Kobayashi Sacred Heart Girls' Academy Junior High School

(Obayashi Seishinjogakuinchugakkou)

3-113 Tonocho, Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone: 0797-71-7321

Nearest station:
Get off at "Obayashi Station" bound for Takarazuka on the Hankyu Imazu Line and walk for about 7 minutes.
​39 39
Capacity: Approximately 30 people
It is a traditional girls' junior and senior high school that has been established for more than 90 years, based on the Catholic Women's Monastic Order "Society of the Sacred Heart", which was founded in France in 1800.
There are 146 sister schools in 30 countries around the world, which are based on the Society of the Sacred Heart. We value the three educational policies of "cultivating the soul," "polishing the intellect," and "cultivating the ability to execute," hoping for the personal growth of each and every one of us. The school building is designated as a national registered tangible cultural property. At a school with a strong religion, sisters practice strict discipline, including religious events. We are working to develop all-round English proficiency that allows us to express ourselves, and our curriculum is focused on international understanding education.
Exam subjects : A -Country / Calculation / Choice> English B- Country / Calculation
Interview : Examination student group (5 people each)
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
There is a uniform
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4th Year A-Received by 8:15 on Saturday, January 15th
B-Reception by 8:15 on Sunday, January 16
Announcement of acceptance: January 17th (Monday) 11: 00-11: 30
Posted in front of the front door
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 20-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: Spring / Summer 17:45 Autumn / Winter 17:15
Club: Swimming, softball, table tennis, tennis, naginata, basketball, volleyball, athletics soccer, English Drama, drama, orchestra, gree, tea ceremony, natural science, photography, music, cooking, flower writing, arts and crafts, computer, calligraphy etc.
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