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​Girls' school

Deviation value
(80% chance of passing from Nichinoken data)

Tezukayama Gakuin Junior High School

(Tezuka Yamagakuinchugakkou)

3-10-51 Tezukayamanaka, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Phone: 06-6672-1151

Nearest station:
2 minutes walk from "Tezukayama Sanchome Station" on the Hankai Denki Uemachi Line

Immediately after getting off at "Tezukayama Station" on the Nankai-Koya Line

Capacity: Approximately 180 people + some people
It is a prestigious school with a tradition that has continued for more than 100 years, with "Biiku" as one of the pillars of education from the beginning.
There is no religion, which is rare in high school girls. Since the establishment of the high school for girls, music education and art education have been undertaken under the guidance of specialized teachers. In the traditional event called "Fet Daru" and art appreciation that inherited this tradition, the educational policy is to experience the presentation at a real theater and to develop sensibility through the event. One of the major characteristics of the school is that there are courses that specialize in art and music as well as entrance courses, and we have many years of experience in music and art schools and the theater world. .. Furthermore, in high school, manga and anime majors have been established since 2008. Uniforms have the same design since the school was founded, and many children are longing for uniforms.
Exam subject :
4 subjects- country, arithmetic, company, science
3 subjects S -country / arithmetic / company 3 subjects R- country / arithmetic / science
2 subjects- country / arithmetic
Interview : None
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
​No religion
​There is a uniform
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
Saturday, January 15: Primary A-8: 30, E-16: 35
January 16 (Sun): 1st B-8: 30, 2nd-16: 35
result publication:
January 16 (Sun): Primary A-13: 00, E-19: 30
January 17 (Monday): Primary B-19: 30,
January 18 (Tuesday): 2nd-13: 30
Posted at our school ・ Internet
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 45-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 16:05
Clubs: Soft tennis, volleyball club, kendo club, dance club, trampolining club, swimming club, basketball club, badminton club, track and field club, soccer club, middle and high school orchestra club, guitar mandolin club, middle and high school musical club, chorus club, middle and high school drama club, Middle and high school photography club, middle and high school handicrafts, cooking club, Japanese dance club, science club, history research club, tea ceremony club, moving club, baton club, art club, calligraphy club, computer club, cartoon research club, English club, etc.

Kobe Kaisei Girls' Academy Junior High School


2-7-1, Aotani-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Phone: 078-801-5601

Nearest station:

Get off at JR Nada Station or Hankyu Ojikoen Station, about 10 to 13 minutes on foot

From JR / Hankyu / Hanshin / Subway Sannomiya Station, take the city bus bound for Hankyu Rokko No. 2 or Maya Cable bound for No. 18 and get off at Aoya and go south.

From Hankyu Rokko Station, take city bus bound for Sannomiya No. 2 and get off at Aoya and go south.

Capacity: Approximately 110 people
It is a Catholic complete middle school that has set the goal of the academy to "live in truth and love" from the beginning.
It is important to foster an attitude of "learning with interest and willingness to learn", and we aim to grow into a "mature person who decides his own future and way of life". After the earthquake resistance in 2013, the library building was completed and the cathedral, the auditorium with 1,000 seats, and the CALL classroom equipped with a new computer-based language learning support system are being enhanced in 2014. Not only is active language education such as language learning conducted by the CALL classroom, but it is also a major feature that you can choose and learn French, inheriting the tradition of the French religious order that became the founding body. increase.
Exam subjects : A -Country / Arithmetic / Company / Science or Japanese / Arithmetic / Science B- Country / Arithmetic
Private junior high and high school integrated school (complete type)
​There is a uniform
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
Schedule A January 15th (Sat) B Schedule January 16th (Sun)
Announcement of acceptance: Both A and B will be posted in the school at 16:00 on January 17 (Monday).
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 40-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 17:00
Clubs: Valley ball club, basketball club, softball club, tennis club, soft tennis club, table tennis club, swimming club, badminton club, classical guitar club, string ensemble club, chorus club, junior high school drama club, art club, science club, Illustration club, home club, history club, ESS (culture), high school drama club, ESS (drama), etc.

Doshisha Girls' Junior High School

(What are you doing?)

Nishiiri, Imadegawa-dori-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Phone: 075-251-4307

Train: 5 minutes walk from Imadegawa subway 8 minutes walk from Keihan Demachiyanagi
Nearest station:
1 minute walk from Kyoto City Bus "Doshisha-mae" 5 minutes walk from Kyoto City Bus "Kawaramachi Imadegawa"
Capacity: Approximately 240 people
It is a private girls' junior and senior high school run by the school corporation Doshisha.
It is a private girls' school with the characteristics of "free and cheerful", "internationalism" and "Christianity" that are common to Doshisha schools. It is highly evaluated that it is attractive to be able to work on studying with plenty of time while ensuring that you can go on to Doshisha University. In addition, the library and information center, which boasts an area of about 1,000 m2, has a collection of about 70,000 books, and the benefits of the nearby Doshisha University and the unique high-university collaboration program are the merits of affiliated schools. It will be. In the Wild Rover course, you can study mainly in English and mathematical sciences and aim to pass a difficult university, but it is common to go on to internal studies.
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
Exam subjects : General entrance exams First and second semesters- Country / Calculation / Company / Science or Country / Calculation / Science
Self-recommended entrance exam- composition
Interview : Candidates (self-recommended entrance exams only)
​No uniform
There is an internal university entrance (Doshisha University)
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
Self-esteem, general first half: Saturday, January 15
Late general: Sunday, January 16th
Announcement of success: Self-recommendation-shipped on the day of the test, posted on the HP at 18:00
General first term-January 16th (Sun) 16: 00-19: 00 Also posted on the school bulletin board HP
General late-January 18th (Tuesday) 15: 00-18: 00 Also posted on the school bulletin board HP
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 30-45 class
Last time to leave school: 18:00
Clubs: Land, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Badminton, Gymnastics, Fencing, Archery, Wonder Vogel, Skiing, Broadcasting, Calligraphy, Tea ceremony, Flower Road, Koto, Theater, Art, Literature, Comic, Home Economics, Photography, Chemistry Geographical history, orchestra, mandolin, light music, chorus, friendly chorus, handbell, ESS, YWCA, etc.

Konan Girls' Junior High School

(This is what you do)

5-6-1 Morikitamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone: 078-411-2531

Nearest station:

Hankyu train

About a 15-minute walk northwest from Ashiyagawa Station

About 10 minutes walk north from JR Konan Yamate Station

About 10 minutes walk north from Kobe City Bus JR Konan Yamate Bus Stop

52 52
Capacity: Approximately 155 people
It is a traditional middle and high school girls'school that will celebrate its 100th anniversary soon after its establishment, and it is characterized by having no religion in girls' schools in the Kansai area.
Along with Kobe College, Kaisei, Affinity, Kobayashi, and Mukogawa, it is listed as one of the most popular schools in Kobe. The school was established in the educational environment of the time when it was a uniform education, with the practice of creative education in Britain and the United States backed by liberalism and liberalism. The new school building overlooking the Rokko Mountains and Osaka Bay, which was built under the theme of "Wind, Light, and Green Learning Building," is very popular. We have created a stairwell space called Asodium to encourage free interaction across grades. Traditional small-collared sailor suits are also popular among the Hanshinkan.
Exam subject :
A Entrance Examination Primary- Country / Arithmetic / Company / Science or Japanese / Arithmetic / Science
A entrance exam secondary, B entrance exam- country / calculation
Interview : None
Private junior high and high school integrated school (complete type)
​No religion
​There is a uniform
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
A1 Next-Saturday, January 15th, 7: 40-8: 10
A2nd-January 16th (Sun) 8: 00-8: 30
B-Wednesday, January 19th, 8: 00-8: 50
result publication:
A1st, 2nd-January 18th (Monday) 15:30
B-January 21 (Thursday) 12:30
(All Web pass / fail inquiries only)
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 20-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 17:30
Club: Tennis club, volleyball club, archery club, archery club, swimming club, soft tennis club, soft ball club, table tennis club, basketball, volleyball club, ESS, gardening club, drama club, orchestra club, science club, flower club, Chorus club, literature club, tea ceremony club, JRC club, photography club, calligraphy club, newspaper club, volleyball club, dance club, geography club, art club, broadcasting club, etc.
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