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(80% chance of passing from Nichinoken data)

Doshisha International Junior High School

(How do you like it?)

60-1 Tataramiyakodani, Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture

Phone: 0774-65-8911

​52 52
Capacity: Approximately 55 people
It is the only integrated middle and high school in Kyoto that was established with the main purpose of accepting returnees.
In 1980, a high school was established as a "returning student specialty school" designated by the Ministry of Education, and started as a junior high and high school integrated school in 1988. It has been designated as Group A1 by the Overseas Child Education Promotion Foundation (a high school established mainly for the purpose of accepting returnees). Two-thirds of all students are returnees, making it an international school. There is no general study for entrance exams, and about 90% of graduates go on to Doshisha University. As a school that accepts returning students, school information sessions are held in 21 cities in 11 countries around the world, and entrance exams are held in 4 countries and 5 cities (Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, London, Kyoto), which is a big difference from other schools. There are three types of entrance examinations, and for returning students, A selection for interviews with essays other than Japanese, B selection for English, Japanese, and mathematics, and G selection for the five major subjects for returning students and general students are conducted. increase. Characteristic facilities include a facility called a communication center, which is equipped with functions such as a conventional library, computer classroom, and audiovisual classroom, and is conscious of communication between people. In addition, the International Education Center has been set up to carry out various activities related to international exchange of students, including not only support for returning to Japan but also short-term study abroad to going on to overseas universities.
Exam subjects : Domestic General G, Return B- Country / Calculation and Company / Science / English
A selection <special application>-qualifications , interviews, document screening
A selection <joint application> -Composition / interview / document screening
Interview : Only return A accompanied by a guardian
No uniform
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
There is an internal university entrance (Doshisha University)
There is a dormitory
Nearest station:
10 minutes walk from JR "Doshisha-mae Station"
Entrance Examination Schedule:

[Returning students]
A selection <special application> / A selection <joint application>

Reiwa 3rd December 9th (Thursday) Kyoto

A selection <joint application> Reiwa February 9, 4 (Wednesday) Kyoto
B Selection Reiwa January 18, 4th (Tuesday) Kyoto

[Domestic general students]
G Selection Reiwa January 18, 4th (Tuesday) Kyoto

[Announcement date]

A selection <special application> / A selection <joint application>

December 14, 3rd year of Reiwa (Tuesday)

B selection G selection order January 19, 4 (Wednesday)

A selection <joint application> February 11, 4th year of Reiwa (Friday)

Announced on the school bulletin board and HP
Examination fee: 20,000 yen From overseas: 23,000 yen
Overseas test site
Examination fee: 60,000 yen From overseas: 63,000 yen
Start time: 8: 30-45 class
Last time to leave school: Spring / Summer 17:30 Autumn / Winter 17:00
Club: American football club (with cheerleader), women's volleyball club, rugby club, tennis club, table tennis club, kendo club (experienced only), athletics club, soccer club, basketball club, culture club, art club, broadcasting club・ Wind music club ・ Cooking club ・ ESS ・ Kyriecholas club ・ Dance club ・ Volleyball service club ・ Literature club ・ MCI club ・ Drama club etc.

Kaimei Junior High School

(Kaime Ichigakkou)

1-9-9 Noe, Joto-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Phone: 06-6932-4461

Capacity: Approximately 240 people
It is a middle and high school integrated school with a tradition of more than 100 years, which was opened in 1918 by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce at that time with the predecessor of "Osaka Trade Language School" established from the need for foreign language education.
We are aiming to achieve a dramatic and dramatic improvement in our academic achievements, and we are also improving our academic achievements. Club activities are managed up to 3 days a week, and since retirement in the second year of high school has been institutionalized, the emphasis is on improving academic achievement rather than achievements in club activities. The new school building, which we have been promoting as a 100th anniversary commemorative project, has also been completed and is fully equipped. The science training that has been carried out in Kada Bay, Wakayama Prefecture for more than 20 years is a genuine-oriented experiential learning that takes a closer look at science subjects in front of a wide variety of creatures, and has become an event that has been featured in the media. .. In addition, the Shimanami Kaido night walk is a traditional event to commemorate the graduation, and it is a dramatic event for students, teachers, and parents as well.
Exam subject :
1st semester / 1st semester A / 2nd: Country / Calculation / Company / Science​ 4 subjects 1st semester B: national / arithmetic / science or social 3 subjects
Interview : None
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
​No religion
There is a uniform
Nearest station:
12 minutes walk from Noe Station on the Keihan Main Line
12 minutes walk from Noeuchindai Station on the Subway Tanimachi Line
8 minutes walk from JR / Keihan Kyobashi Station
12 minutes walk from Gamo 4-chome Station on the Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
First semester: January 15th (Sat) 8:20 meeting
1st Late A: Meeting at 8:20 on Sunday, January 16th
1st late B:  January 16 (Sun) 14:30 Meeting
2nd: Meeting at 8:20 on January 18 (Tuesday)
Announcement of acceptance: 1st: January 17th (Monday) noon Posted in the school
2nd: January 19th (Wednesday) noon Posting on the school homepage Announced from 11:30 each day
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 20-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 18:00
Clubs: Kendo club, table tennis club, outdoor activity club, soccer club, rugby club, men's basketball club, women's basketball club, women's soft tennis club, swimming club, biology club, shogi club, art club, ESS, calligraphy club, chorus club, Home economics department, classical music department, basketball department, quiz research department, literary arts department, tea ceremony department, science department

Doshisha Kori Junior High School

(What are you doing?)

15-1 Mii Minamimachi, Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture

Phone: 072-831-0285

Capacity: Approximately 240 people
It is the third co-educated junior and senior high school established after Doshisha Junior and Senior High School and Doshisha Girls' High School as affiliated schools of Doshisha.
The school is aiming to foster Japanese people in the international community, and was mentioned in an interview with the special feature of Weekly Diamond's "Top 31 schools that businessmen want to attend to children", and Weekly Diamond's sons and daughters. It has been selected as No. 1 in Japan at the school 2015 where you want to enter. Not only are the new school buildings and multipurpose grounds equipped with advanced facilities, but most of the advanced education that has been attracting attention recently, such as small-group education, experiential learning, team teaching, and volunteer activities, is being put into practice one step ahead. The feature is that there is. In addition to enhancing English education, we are also focusing on information education, and since the first year of junior high school, we have been cultivating information analysis and expression skills using the Internet and PowerPoint. About 95% of the curriculum goes to Doshisha University and Doshisha Women's University every year, so there is no preparation for taking the exam and the curriculum is relaxed. It is also noteworthy that it has one of the best sports facilities in Japan and has a great deal of experience in sports.
Exam subjects : Country / Calculation / Company / Science
Interview : None
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
No uniformStandard clothes available
Nearest station:

About 18 minutes on foot from "Korien Station"

Entrance Examination Schedule: Meet by 8:25, 4th year of Reiwa
First term schedule: Saturday, January 15 Second term schedule : Monday, January 17
result publication:
First term schedule:  January 16 (Sun)  Late Schedule: Tuesday, January 18th
From 17:00: Internet / mail
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 50-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 18:00
Clubs: Kendo club, athletics club, ski club, handball club (high school), rugby club, tennis club, gymnastics club, basketball club, Shorinji Kempo club (high school), wonder Vogel club, baseball club, wrestling club, dance club・Table tennis club ・Volleyball club ・Judo club ・Soccer club ・Swimming club ・Chemistry club ・Wind music club ・Volunteer club ・Calligraphy club ・Astronomical club ・Mandolin club ・Go shogi club ・Light music club (high school) ・Art club ・Biology club・Geographical history club, travel iron club, drama club, photography club, physics club, ESS club, literary club, illusion club , etc.
Hyogo Prefectural Ashiya International Secondary School
(Hyogo Kenritsu Ashiya Kokusai Ikugakukou)
1-2 Niihamacho, Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone: 0797-38-2293
Capacity: Approximately 80 people
Established in 2003 as the first international secondary school in Japan, it is operated as an integrated middle and high school where students who grew up in different language environments and cultural backgrounds learn flexibly according to their abilities and aptitudes.
Most of the students are made up of returnees and foreign students. Currently, students from more than 27 countries are enrolled, and we are promoting a variety of small-group classes with an educational policy that respects multiculturalism. In addition, we provide various team-teaching using foreign language instructors, and provide detailed guidance such as "group-based English learning" and "Japanese language class" according to each individual. Another major feature is the creation of diverse learning environments through collaboration and exchanges with local schools, international exchange associations, and related organizations such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Club activities are not diverse due to the small number of students, but the canoe club and science club are active at the national level.
Exam subjects : composition and personal interview
Public junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
No religion
There is a uniform
Nearest station:
900m south of Hanshin Uchide Station
From Hanshin Ashiya Station, JR Ashiya Station, Hankyu Ashiyagawa Station, take the Hankyu Bus and get off at "Ashiyahama Sales Office".
Entrance Examination Schedule: Saturday, February 5, 4th year of Reiwa
Announcement of acceptance: From 12:00 on Thursday, February 10, 4th year of Reiwa
Announcement of successful candidates at the Prefectural Ashiya International Secondary School

Exam fee: 2,200 yen
Start time: 8: 25-50 minutes Class
Clubs: Canoe, Kendo, Hard Tennis, Soccer, Softball (Women Only), Basketball, Badminton (Women Only), Softball Baseball (Men's Only), Athletic Chorus, Wind Music, Art, Japanese Music, ESS, Information Literature, Science and so on.
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