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Deviation value
(80% chance of passing from Nichinoken data)

Mita Gakuen Junior High School


2-13-65 Minamigaoka, Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone: 079-564-2291

55 55
Capacity: Approximately 240 people
It is a traditional middle and high school with a history of more than 100 years, modeled after the prestigious Eton College in the United Kingdom.
Inheriting the philosophy of the former Sanda Domain's clan school and Zoshikan, we have introduced English-style modern education, and we are advocating education for all, with the educational philosophy of being simple and strong, and embracing dearness. With a site equivalent to five Koshien Stadiums in a blessed natural environment, the main building of the junior high school imitates Eton College, a public school in the United Kingdom, and is a nationally registered tangible cultural property along with the school's 25th anniversary library. increase. In addition, the main building of junior high school and the east building have been designated as important landscape formation buildings in Hyogo prefecture. Traditionally, all the teachers in each grade are in charge of the entire grade and have been raised for 6 years to provide guidance. In addition, we are responding to the new educational curriculum in 2020, such as conducting educational activities according to proficiency level through the newly established course system. We are also focusing on ICT education, promoting the introduction of a Wi-Fi environment and individual tablets, and focusing on a curriculum that fosters knowledge utilization and independent learning attitudes.
Exam subjects : First semester A -Country / Calculation / Science or Country / Calculation / Company / Science
First term B, second term- country / calculation interview : None
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
​No religion
There is a uniform
Nearest station:
Transfer to JR "Sanda Station" and get off at Hanshin Electric Railway "Yokoyama Station"
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
First term A: January 15th (Sat) 9: 00- (Meeting 8:40)
First term B: January 16th (Sun) 16: 30- (Meeting 16:00)
Late: January 18th (Tuesday) 9: 30- (Meeting 9:00)
result publication:
First term A: January 16th (Sun) web 13: 00 ~
First term B: January 17th (Monday) web 13: 00 ~
Late: January 19th (Wednesday) web 10: 00 ~
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 30-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 18:15
Club: Softball club, handball club, bicycle competition club, karate club, swimming club, wonder Vogel club, volleyball club, soft tennis club, kendo club, judo club, soccer club, basketball club, tennis club, table tennis club, archery club, Badminton club, athletics club, dance club, physics club, science club, art club, wind music club, ESS club, literary arts club, light music club, broadcasting club, railway research club, photo club, village problem study group, comic research Clubs, Japanese Culture Clubs (JCA), etc.
Nearest station:
Immediately after getting off at the city bus "Keimei Gakuin-mae" from JR "Suma Station"
About a 12-minute walk from the municipal subway "Myohoji Station"

Keimei Gakuin Junior High School

(Keimei Gakuin Chugakkou)

9-5-1 Yokoo, Suma-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone: 078-741-1506

Capacity: Approximately 160 people
It is one of the sister schools related to Rambus centered on the school corporation Kwansei Gakuin, and will be a sister school of Kwansei Gakuin. A Protestant Christian school with a history of more than 130 years.
Since it is possible to go on to Kwansei Gakuin internally, we have set up integrated education at junior high and high schools, and our guideline is to develop human power to open up a prosperous life. Since I don't have a college entrance exam, I'm working on Christian education for all, rather than just taking the exam. Therefore, without worrying about taking university entrance exams, we will start with a reading class, learn the basics for writing a dissertation from junior high school, and connect it to academic research in high school and writing and presenting a dissertation as a result. It is also a feature of the school that it can provide learning that takes time. A variety of clubs such as American football and cheerleading that are not found in other schools are also attractive.
Exam subject : Method A- Country / Arithmetic / Science
Method B- Country (including composition) / Interview : Interview accompanied by a guardian
There is a uniform
Sister school of Sekigaku
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
A: Saturday, January 15th B: Monday, January 17th
result publication:
A: January 16th (Sun)
B: Tuesday, January 18th
Start time: 8: 30-45 class
Last time to leave school: Spring / Summer 18:30 Autumn / Winter 18:00

Volleyball club, basketball club, softball club, soft tennis club, kendo club, dance club, athletics club, badminton club, soccer club, tennis club, gymnastics club, swimming club, American football club, touch football club, cheerleading club・ Wonder Vogel club ・ Baton twirling club ・ Yacht club ・ Literature club ・ Art club ・ Music club ・ YWCA club ・ Photography club ・ Flower club ・ Tea ceremony club ・ Drama club ・ ESS club ・ Home club ・ Broadcasting club ・ Calligraphy club ・ Light Music club, wind music club, Japanese football club, drama club, social club lovers, science and science research club, chorus lovers, etc.


Kwansei Gakuin Junior High School

(Kansei Gakuin Chugakubu)

1-155 Uegahara Ichibancho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone: 0798-51-0988

Capacity: Approximately 140 people
It is a mission school founded by the American missionary "Dr. WR Rambus" and is one of the sister schools related to Rambus. It is a traditional middle and high school integrated school that has continued for more than 120 years.
Focusing on being active in society, we are focusing on developing the five pillars of "Christianity, reading, English, physical education, and art," which we consider to be an essential part of our abilities. Traditionally, we have been focusing on English education, and students with a high degree of learning English can attend classes at the adjacent Kwansei Gakuin University, and we are smoothly incorporating high school-university cooperation. In addition, there are facilities shared with university facilities, making it a very fulfilling facility. The Kwansei Gakuin's Uegahara Campus, which was built in 1933 when the Kwansei Gakuin moved to Uegahara, is said to be the most beautiful in Japan, including the Takachubu Headquarters, a masterpiece of Vories architecture. increase. There is no preparation for university entrance exams, and like a Christian school, it features worship and Bible lessons every morning. Its motto is both Bunbu and Budo, and it aims to hone its true intellect. In addition to club activities that are typical of Christian schools, such as the religious club, choir, and greet club, there are also several clubs that have a track record of participating in prefectural and national conventions.
Exam subjects : General A -Country / Calculation / Science / Interview B- Country / Calculation
Returnees- Country / Calculation / English Interview / Interview with Parents
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
There is a uniform
There is an internal university entrance (Kwansei Gakuin University)
Nearest station:
Get off at Hankyu Imazu Line Kotoen Station / Incheon Station.
From Kotoen Station, walk (about 15 minutes) or bus (about 5 minutes)
Walk from Incheon Station (about 15 minutes)
Entrance Examination Schedule: Reiwa 4 Years
A. Returnees-January 15th (Sat) 8: 30-

B-January 18th (Tuesday) 8: 30 ~
result publication:
A. Returnees-January 16th (Sun) 16: 00-January 18th (Tue) 16:00
B-January 19th (Wednesday) 16:00 to January 21st (Friday) 16:00
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 20-45 class
Last time to leave school: Spring / Summer: 18:00 Autumn / Winter 17:30
Clubs: Athletics Club (Men / Women) / Swimming Club (Men / Women) / Soccer Club (Men) / Baseball Club (Men) / Tennis Club (Men / Women) / Kendo Club (Men / Women) / Touch Football Club (Men), Basketball Club (Men / Women), Volleyball Club (Women), Table Tennis Club (Men / Women), Rugby Club (Men), Dance Club (Men / Women), JHC (Religious Club), Holy Song Corps, Art Club, library club, green club (chorus club), wind music club, science club, English club, etc.

Doshisha Junior High School

(What are you doing?)

89 Iwakura Osagicho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Phone: 075-781-7121

Capacity: Approximately 288 people
It is a Christian school founded by the six major educators of the Meiji era, "Joseima Niijima," and is an integrated middle and high school with a tradition of more than 120 years.
Based on "Christianism education", the basis of education is to foster a "conscience". We are pursuing education for all who is not biased toward knowledge education, and since most of the graduates go on to Doshisha High School / University, there is no special preparation for entrance exams, and we give them many opportunities to come into contact with the "real thing" and do things. The importance of exploring the truth and essence of is emphasized. As is common to Doshisha-affiliated schools, it is characterized by a free school spirit and Bible lessons, and a voluntary learning attitude based on "freedom, autonomy, and independence" is required. Doshisha-affiliated junior and senior high schools have a common educational philosophy, and each school offers its own educational curriculum. The school has adopted a state-of-the-art classroom management method called the "subject center method", which is the only one in the Kinki region, and it is a major feature that it provides a unique and attractive place for learning. ..
Exam subjects : Country / Calculation / Company / Science or Country / Calculation / Science Interview : None
Private junior high and high school integrated school (side-by-side type)
No uniform
There is an internal university entrance (Doshisha University)
Nearest station:
0 minute walk from Kyoto Municipal Subway "Kokusaikaikan"
Entrance Examination Schedule: Meet by 8:45 am on Saturday, January 15, 4th year of Reiwa.
Announcement of acceptance: January 17 (Monday)
Scheduled to be announced by mail and from 10:00 to 12:00 on the Web
Exam fee: 20,000 yen
Start time: 8: 20-50 minutes Class
Last time to leave school: 17:30 Winter season Mid-November to early February 17:00
Club: Baseball club, Kendo club, Soccer club, Tennis club, Volleyball club, Basket club, Rugby club, Table tennis club, Land club, Wanger Jr club, Broadcasting club, Drama club, English club, Handbell, Peace link club, Wadaiko Department, Railway Department, Art Department, Manga Research Department, Industry Department, Geographical History Department, Hosana Chorus Department, Orchestra Department, Science Department, Karuchampuru, etc.
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